Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Civil Rights, Or Civil Wrongs? The Fixed Ghetto Lottery Robs Taxpayers.

Chicago, IL— When a thug kills anyone at all and no matter how cruel or depraved the crime, usually there’s no civil suit by the victim’s families.  Thugs are almost never insured nor indemnified by a business or government agency.  No tort or civil rights lawyer will touch that case because they’d only obtain a worthless and uncollectible judgment.  The victim’s families get absolutely nothing. 

Should this be a sketchy case of a cop justifiably and necessarily killing a street thug, the cop is indemnified by the government.  That makes any judgments easily collectible.  When a police shooting happens, suddenly the shyster “civil rights” lawyers come out from under their rocks and sign the dead thug’s family up for representation.  Then the lawyers run out and immediately stir up all the media generated cop hate they can.  

Of course the family of a dead thug must agree to their lawyer’s demands for 40% of the settlement or winnings.The lawyer’s don’t care one bit if the facts and evidence of the case would never win sympathy or a dime from a jury because these cases NEVER go to a jury!  The cases are always settled without trials for huge amounts of tax dollars. 

The corrupt lawyers file their exaggerated civil complaints in the local court and begin “negotiations” with the local government agency that employs the cops involved.  However behind the scenes they are promising campaign contributions or outright bribes to the elected officials that have the power to hand over a fortune in a settlement (think George Floyd).  

This scheme works in every major US city because they are all controlled by one-party Democrat rule.  That folks is how these so called civil rights cases are handled.  Even the corrupt lawyers call it what it is, The Ghetto Lottery.

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