Saturday, November 04, 2023

World War III is here, are you ready?

Today we’ve seen hundreds of thousands Hamas supporting Palestinians, demonstrating and screaming, hateful threats at us and European nations.  The Palestinian mobs in New York were particularly vile and dangerous.  That tells us we can expect deadly mass attacks by these depraved monsters at any moment. 

There is no way that our law-enforcement agencies could actually handle these kinds of situations. Our cops are going to need all of our help they can get.  Also get trauma kits while you still can.  Watch the first aid YouTube videos that will show you how to use the material.  There will be fuel, water, food and medicine shortages. 

When attacks occur we must remember the rules of engagement change to war rules that allow for back shots and other desperate measures. With the multitudes of hateful Hamas supporters there will most certainly be attacks with guns, bombs, arson and using trucks to attack crowds. Many will want to become Islamic martyrs, sacrificing their own lives. 

We must pay strict attention and understand that we must ignore all gun laws.  I fully expect Iran to get involved soon since they know our government has never been weaker, and they can see the massive amount of hostile Muslims that are already here ready to carry out their despicable threats.  

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Anonymous said...

Ammo is life!!