Monday, November 13, 2023

Did the Israel/Hamas War instigate a homicide in Thousand, Oaks, CA? Congressional candidate Bruce Boyer is investigating.

Thousand Oaks, CA—Paul Kessler, 69 was with others peacefully protesting the incredibly depraved October 7th Hamas attack on unarmed civilians that took, 1,400 innocent lives in Israel. Kessler was carrying an Israeli flag and was allegedly killed by a pro-Palestinian activist, Loay Alnaji, 50 who teaches computer science at Ventura County Community College.   

According to witness, Jonathan Oswaks,  Alnaji and others were conducting surveillance on Kessler.  He further said that upwards of 40 adult, pro-Palestinian men allegedly surrounded Kessler while Alnaji struck the elderly, Paul Kessler in the head with a heavy megaphone.  The presence of the other men made it difficult for Israeli demonstrators to see the attack.  As a direct result of the blow, Kessler fell striking his head on the sidewalk.  Kessler died a few hours later at a local hospital.  

The matter is currently under investigation by the Ventura County Sheriffs Department, and the Ventura County District Attorney.  Officials said that both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian groups gave conflicting accounts of the incident.

Sheriff’s investigators obtained and served a search warrant on Alnaji’s home seizing his electronic devices and other evidence. They’re obviously looking for communications between Alnaji and others to determine if there was any planning or collusion.  

Republican District 26 Congressional Candidate, Bruce Boyer has taken on his own investigation of the attack.  The FBI has given specific warnings for us to expect Hamas sympathetic terrorist acts on our soil and Boyer wants to know if this crime related to that warning. 

The key questions Boyer said that need answers are, was this a criminal homicide that included a Hate Crime and felony Elder Abuse? 

Boyer said he’s preparing for Congress as a proactive lawmaker with his finger always on the pulse of District 26. He feels must stay informed to properly tend to the needs of the voters.  

Boyer interviewed kessler’s companion, Jonathan Oswaks and here is that unedited interview. 

On November 16, Loay Alnaji, of Moorpark, was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 69-year-old Paul Kessler. Alnaji's bail will be set at $1 million, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. No mention was about a hate crime or elder abuse charges. 

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