Monday, November 20, 2023

LA County Sheriff Robert Luna is a Classless Thug

 Los Angeles, CA—It was anyone’s worst nightmare.  Vince Ricci arrived home to be attacked by two armed intruders Hell bent on a home invasion.  Ricci had previously qualified for a carry permit by completing all of the strict and patently unconstitutional hurdles designed to keep him unarmed by actually getting the carry permit.  

Within milliseconds the attackers rushed Ricci and  pointed their guns at at him but Ricci quickly drew his own gun and began furiously fighting for his and his family’s lives.  Ricci fired shots and the cowardly gunmen quickly retreated.  Nobody was physically injured.  Ricci acted in lawful self-defense.  As for the two thugs they escaped and will remain free until they get caught doing this to some other hapless victim. 

The incident was caught on surveillance video so we need not guess how this violent crime went down.  You can imagine the immediate emotional state Ricci was going through after such a traumatic event.  The Sheriff’s reaction was to suspend/revoke Ricci’s gun permit!  

Now Sheriff Luna responds that Ricci can reapply for a permit and of course go through all the steps as he waits months for a reapproval that may or may not come.  

Luna should be sued for violating Ricci’s Civil Rights including the denial for Fifth Amendment Due Process for not proving a hearing for Ricci on the matter.

In the meantime Lunatic Luna has strongly and vindictively advertised to the would be home invaders that Ricci and his family can be murdered now without resistance.  Luna has purposely placed these innocent lives is serious danger.  Luna’s malicious conduct here is beyond disgusting, despicable and reprehensible.  

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