Friday, October 27, 2023

Making New Friends!

Los Angeles, CA—I went to a surprise film screening of, Sophie Scholl, The Final Days (2006) that was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign film.  This is one of my favorite films ever.  I’m here standing next to German lawyer, politician, historian, prolific screenwriter, director and producer Fred Breinersdorfer.  

Breinersdorfer wrote the script for this compelling film.  It’s the true 1943 wartime story of the White Rose Nazi resistance group that fought tyranny, not with violence but by publishing and distributing pamphlets. Sophie was a 21 year old nursing student who was apprehended by a janitor at the University of Munich distributing White Rose material along with her brother, Hans and a collaborator, Christoph Probst.  

The trio was interrogated by Gestapo agents, tried for High Treason, condemned and executed to by guillotine all within four days.  It’s a heartbreaking story of the worst kind of Nazi cruelty. 

The screen writer, Fred Breinersdorfer researched newly released Russian held Nazi court records at the fall of Communism in Europe.  He also located and  interviewed living witnesses.  He then created  a masterpiece script.  

An amazing ensemble cast was assembled with the primary stars, Julia Jentsch as Sophie and Alexander Held as Gestapo Inspector Mohr. 

If there’s ever an English language version produced I want  to playGestapo Inspector Mohr.  This could also be done as a Broadway stage play.  

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