Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Difficult Lessons of Gun Control

Los Angeles, CA—Gun control zealots live in a land of make believe.  They generally live in safe neighborhoods, drive reliable automobiles to their jobs in safe buildings.  Most have very little or no training regarding the defensive use of firearms.  They have been brainwashed by Hollywood films into believing that the police will respond instantly to their calls for help.  Unfortunately ignorance rules what they want to force on you and your family. 

The sad truth in a life threatening event, it can take valuable minutes before you can actually reach a 911 operator.  The 911 operator then gives a police dispatcher that second hand information who then gives that now third hand information to the cops.  The cops must safely travel to and actually find the location.  

When the cops arrive the damage has already been done and the criminals have fled.   The cops then arrange to remove the injured or their remains.  They write the required reports.  It often becomes more complicated when victims and witnesses lie to the cops about the events.  Cops are then forced to guess who is telling the truth. 

Most robberies, rapes and murders take place outside the safety of your home! The gun free zone mall parking lots and other places are serious crime prone locations.   

Cops have been defunded and castrated by politicians.  Also most people are unaware that the US Supreme Court has ruled that cops have NO duty to protect you! 

You can either call a cop to bring his gun and help you or you can have your own gun and hopefully the training to use it effectively.  With any luck you can do both.  

We have no choice but to take a lesson from the October 7th depraved attack on Israeli citizens by Hamas murderers.  Israel had very strict gun bans in place that precluded any meaningful self-help.  They were told to build “safe rooms”in lieu of using firearms.  Sadly, we now know how that worked out.  

Israel’s politician’s thinking was beyond mind boggling.  That’s especially bizarre when you know how years earlier millions of Jews had their property unlawfully confiscated and were put on railroad freight cars straight to death camps.   There was nearly zero resistance from the disarmed and later murdered Jews.  

Why do we let government steal the the natural gift of fear and the instinct for survival from us?  Why do we obey gun laws at all, giving up our only fighting chance to live? 

Why is gun control a political issue at all, beyond the politician’s desire to exercise total control over the people they rule?  They promise public safety, that they cannot possibly deliver!  Look at the incredibly miserable failures of Israel’s October 7th, Columbine High School or the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.  

Ask yourself when have the police ever arrived in time to stop a murder, Rape or robbery after a 911 call other than on a fictional TV program? 

I will end this with, don’t ever let a politician stand between you and your  Constitutional rights to protect you and your loved ones with the most effective weapons available! 

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Anonymous said...

Notice Israeli citizens were subject to some pretty restrictive gun laws. Everybody thinks Israel is an armed camp and IT IS NOT. You can only own a pistol, ONE and 50 rounds of ammo; recently upped to 100 rounds.

You cannot own a rifle (of any kind), no shotguns, no SMGs. Only soldiers, reservists, private security can have them.
Ammo is very expensive in Israel, and you are restricted to quantity, imagine having a G17 and three mags full of 9mm and that's it when terrorists are rampaging thru your neighborhood with full auto AK/AKM, PKM, RPG-7, grenades and improvised explosive devices.

Their CCW/CCL process is long and a PITA.