Monday, October 02, 2023

Is insurance for concealed weapon carriers legitimate, or a scam?

Phoenix, AZ—You see the heavy internet advertising for insurance to protect you, should you be charged with a crime in a self-defense shooting.  Is this too good to be true?  You won’t like the answer!

All of these insurance contracts are carefully crafted to give these companies, in the fine print, an out, for the slightest excuse.  The decisions are not made by insurance company lawyers, but by their bean counters.  They may cover you or not.  

The lawyers employed by the insurance companies on the cheap may not be qualified to handle these types of cases.  They’re not going to immediately employ a qualified licensed investigator to locate needed video, evidence or witnesses.  If that happens at all, it will be too late to help you.  Frankly, you’d probably get better representation by the public defender.  They have poor resources and lack needed assets however they do have lots of experience.  

I’d say skip the crap insurance and make other arrangements.  After a shooting you or your family must immediately locate a licensed private investigator to get right out and search for evidence and interview witnesses.  That is before they all disappear.  Call and get a recommendation for your PI from a certified criminal defense lawyer.  That‘s even if you can’t hire that lawyer and you’re stuck with a public defender.  

watch out for the publicity-hound lawyers with the “big names” because they almost always they care about their TV face time more than their clients interests.  Their actual work is too often, ineffective. 

Bail is a huge issue.  You would be well advised to cut a written agreement in advance for bail insurance should you be arrested for any use of force matters.  Most people post bail and then are unable to hire a decent criminal lawyer. 

My best advice to you is to avoid conflicts and to only employ deadly force when there’s no other option.  Why risk your life, liberty and assets doing otherwise? 

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