Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Civilian Drone Industry and the Serious Impact of Government Tyrannical Overregulation

Los Angeles, CA—As Crimefile News prepares to cover the first ever Drone Expo here on Saturday, we are watching as more corporate and business refugees are fleeing this once great nation.  Americans are also renouncing their citizenship now, more than ever before.
Currently drone hobbyists have no licensing or training requirements to fly their drones.  The only FAA restrictions currently are in the form of somewhat vague “guidelines”.  They suggest maximum altitudes of 400 feet, staying three miles or more from airports and keeping visual contact with the drone.
Frankly the hobbyists have already proven that civilian drones really pose no threat to Americans, their safety or privacy. 
The only hard and fast enforceable civilian drone regulation is that they can’t be used to earn or generate money.  Of course the government can’t realize any income tax revenue from drone operators either. 
Civilian multi-rotor drones currently number well beyond one million.  So far none of them have been ever been involved in a death or reported serious injury. 
Frankly the drones are incredibly safer than conventional aircraft, don’t emit poisons into our air and should they crash damages are minimal and confined to the drones themselves.
Yes, there are the “reports” by conventional aircraft pilots of “near collisions” and dangerous behavior.  However suspiciously absent are any collisions, photographs, or actual identifications of any of these offending drone operators! I call them fantasy sightings.   
The over-abundant reports of cowboy drone operators ruining it for all are just more fabrications.  The fact is drone operators zealously protect their investments if for no other reason so they can continue to enjoy flying them.
I won’t personally speak for anything more than the relatively small multi-rotor craft carrying camera’s such as the GoPro or relatively light weight DSLR cameras similar to the Canon 5D or the Panasonic GH4. 
No matter how you feel about your own political preferences this issue is falling hard along political Party lines.  Republicans are responding as pro-business and commerce. 
Democrats on the other hand want to regulate, tax and punish any and all commercial productivity especially anything drone related.  That’s of course, if the political Left can’t simply ban them altogether.  United States Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is leading the way for a total civilian drone ban as I write this. 
Democrats like their Communist cousins have a long history of massive overregulation, extortionate taxation and restricting personal liberty despite our Bill of Rights.  
I will again redundantly argue that nearly all safety concerns are bogus since the multi-rotor drone record is stellar.
Additionally, existing privacy laws don’t insulate any drone operators from arrest or punishment should they engage in stalking or filming anywhere people have established rights to privacy.
The FAA’s foot-dragging and drone related kingdom building has had expected results.   American corporations, filmmakers and drone enthusiasts are rapidly voting with their feet to exit the USA.   
Helicopter operators currently have nearly unrestricted access to our populated cities for filming or newsgathering.  However not a year goes by with out deadly crashes costing millions in destruction.  Multi-rotor drones are significantly safer, quieter and greener
Drones are a marvelous tool for video newsgathering, filmmaking and other creative endeavors.  The First Amendment of our Bill of Rights protects those things!  Restricting these activities without a clear thereat to public safety is un-American and unlawful.  We fought wars to protect this important freedom!
The drone industry shows great promise in areas of farming and cattle ranching protecting our necessary food supply.  Livestock and irrigation need constant monitoring and drones are perfect for this role.
The necessary inspection of ecological properties like fresh water supplies, electrical and fuel lines can be accomplished much cheaper and certainly safer using drones.
With the drone industry exit, America stands to lose important intellectual property, technological and other discoveries that are vitally essential to our national defense.  
Drones are the future for the construction and insurance industry.  They also have a solid place in disaster operations to evaluate needs and delivery of food, water and medical supplies when our roads become impassable.
The Obama Administration and their FAA must step aside and allow the research, development and commercial use of drones. 
Should problems be discovered down the road, government can certainly address them.  America has up till now avoided governing by prior restraint.
The American people simply cannot afford to allow a handful of politicians and their appointed bureaucrats to continue their tyrannical governing direction over this vital technology.  


Dan King said...

Very well done! Couldn't have said it better myself

Unknown said...

I loved your article and plan to share it with some "drone" groups that I belong to on Facebook. I only have one bone to pick with you, and it may be just on how you worded this. You said "The only hard and fast enforceable civilian drone regulation is that they can’t be used to earn or generate money." Technically speaking...that statement is incorrect. The FAA does not have any actual regulations or rules on the books right now, that carry any force of law behind them. They have their "guidelines" and policy statements etc... but, as of yet they don't have any actual laws about commercial use of drones that are actually enforceable.

With that being said...again, I loved your article and you are very correct about the Government's Tyrannical Overregulation.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Mark, thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately an appellate decision reversed the ruling and now the FAA's rule against compensation has teeth again. We can appeal to a higher courts or find other ways to control the FAA.