Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sony Pictures, Political Correctness and Total Cowardice

Los Angeles, CA—Free speech is dead in America.  Political correctness has an evil twin.  It’s call deception.  It’s one thing to hide your feelings about religion, cultures, politics or sexual preferences.  It’s another to pretend you don’t have some negative thoughts.
Fear of being hated and attacked drives Americans to deceive as they lie to each other about their true feelings.  We will never come together as a nation if we can’t truthfully express ourselves.  It’s far better that people control offensive culturally based conduct than their feelings.
There are stereotypes everywhere in reality.  Most are not offensive and others are downright evil.  It’s not about skin color but culture.  Some cultures are bankrupt, destructive and even violent.
If refined, educated and law abiding people pretend to accept bad behavior, rudeness and excuse others for culturally based evil deeds nobody is being served.
Children learn culture from their parents and if culturally based bad behavior is accepted there will be no evolution.  It’s important that people freely express dissatisfaction with stereotypical corrupt behavior.
The so-called insensitive private e-mails of Sony Pictures management folks are based at least part in truth.   The Sony e-mails deserve no attention unless they exposed fraud, threats or efforts to derail careers of others. 
Privately making a bad joke about Barack Obama’s choice of film themes does not deserve a second glance.  We all should be free to make bad jokes about our politicians and their proclivities. 
I’m not suggesting for a second that we be unkind, malicious or intolerant to people of different cultures.  It’s far better that clashing cultures find common ground and adapt to each other.  We can be kind without being patronizing.  We never should have to accept ignorance, insults or violence.
In America we’ve forgotten how to laugh at ourselves.  We can have significant differences and still enjoy wonderful diverse friendships as we help each other.   We will all disagree about something.  Honest discussion beats deceptive political correctness anytime. 
We all hate two-faced people but yet we are promoting just that by fostering a politically correct society.  Hate hidden behind a smiling face is even more sinister.
I have a prominent and cultured African-America lawyer friend.  He is a real achiever that has earned respect, political power and high profile career.   He reads my blog and considers me at least a closet racist.  He’s got it wrong unless he considers skin color and a bankrupt culture one in the same.
Adding fire to our clash is red-hot politics.  He’s a Liberal Democrat and I’m a Conservative Libertarian.  In the end we both want the same things; peace, prosperity and a great life for all.  It’s how we go about making this happen that makes us different.
We argue in e-mails and such but we are friends.  We know only too well that we’d both come running to help each other in bad times.
Sony Pictures is a Japanese corporation that acquired the old MGM properties and their management has their own cultural issues.  The greatest difficulty they have is trying to guess how Americans feel about their current crisis and more importantly how to respond.  It’s messy for sure.
Heads are expected to roll as Sony Pictures quickly folded on their $50 Million project, “THE INTERWIEW”.  The total fallout will be much more expensive before it’s all over.
The faceless Internet threat to murder Americans in the style of 9/11 caused gutless motion picture and film venue executives to take the coward’s way out.  I would have made a point to see the film but that won’t happen now.
The damage to the filmmakers that apparently created a comedy based on the somewhat amusing and young North Korean dictator is huge.  This is more about the future than this current mess.
Why make any film when someone can threaten and destroy years of labor with a simple crank Internet posting?
We suspended our Fourth Amendment and created the TSA after the 9/11 attack.  Now we are forgoing our sacred Free Speech rights out of sheer cowardice.  The once strong America has become a nation of cowards.


Anonymous said...

I saw the trailer for The Interview about 4 or 6 weeks ago. Looked like the STUPIDEST movie ever made. This by the same guy, Seth Rogan, who ruined The Green Hornet a few years back. So he has off the chart publicity, but you have to have an IQ of 39 to see it.

Anonymous said...

Sony is behind the biggest scam every, they knew the movie was get every one to watch it out of freedom of speech...