Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A Pretty Pair of Hideout Handguns

Phoenix, AZ--In this state where concealed carrying if firearms by law-abiding citizens requires no license or permits the choices of guns are unlimited.  However I teach and preach that conflict avoidance is the best policy.  Walk softly but carry a big stick is the right way.

Here is a lovely pair of somewhat effective hideout guns.  One is the Smith & Wesson Model 340PD .357 Magnum.  The other is a vintage High Standard .22 Magnum derringer. Both of these guns are outfitted with elegant Kirinite grips from www.eaglegrips.com.  The color of this set is called LAVA and you'll never find a more durable or stronger material for gun grips than this incredible Kirinite. The color or pattern choices are nearly limitless.  This is all about personalizing your firearms.  

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Anonymous said...

Nice guns but no thanks. I gave my J frame away and now carry a XDs 45acp off duty. Best little gun I ever owned.