Wednesday, December 03, 2014

My Drone Documentary, A Sneak Preview, Meet Abby Lyle.

Abbe Lyle, photographer, conventional aircraft and drone pilot.
Los Angeles, CA—As we speak I’m producing a documentary about multi-rotor camera drones and their pilots.
There is so much ignorance, fear and loathing out there clouding the truth.  Every day various conventional aircraft pilots are reporting drone sightings.  Are these things somehow a public threat?
This trend is very reminiscent of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s when Hollywood films about flying saucers and little green men were very popular.  Suddenly there were imaginative but somewhat credible sounding UFO and alien sightings by various airline pilots reported in the news almost nightly.
Now it's the multi-rotor drones some of which have been reported being seen by some pilots at 30,000 feet and traveling at Mach 1.  If you own or operate these little devices you know the claims are quite ridicules.
As a licensed private investigator and drone pilot I can say they are ineffective for spying on people.  I’m better off with a standard camera with a large and heavy telephoto lens that these drones are incapable of carrying. 
The drones make noise and have necessary navigation lights that are more than obvious. 
The safety record for the multi-rotors are free from and deaths or serious injuries.  Helicopters world wide number around 7000 and its interesting to learn there are well more than a million of these drones already in questionably trained and unlicensed civilian hands. We all know only too well about catastrophic helicopter crashes in all of our major cities. 
The reality is that for filmmakers, photographers, mapmakers, surveyors, insurance adjusters, real estate marketing, farmers, ranchers and such the multi-rotor drones are an important new tool.  They are very necessary for maintaining our food supply. 
Camera drones are by far the safest and least expensive way for news organization to gather news images and video for broadcast and publishing.
New uses for the drones are being discovered everyday including police crime scene and accident investigations.  That, along with delivering defibrillators, life savers to endangered victims faster than our best paramedics and lifeguards.
Drone bans are under study nearly everywhere and to bring sunshine onto these technological gifts we need to educate people especially the politicians.  That’s why I’ve undertaken this documentary.
In my quest to tell the multi-rotor drone story I found the beautiful and elegant Abbe Lyle.  She’s a professional photographer, mother, conventional aircraft pilot and she is a camera drone disciple of the first order.
Some well known celebrity drone owner/pilots include Jeff Dunham, Bruce Jenner, Rupert Murdock and Martha Stewart.  That list is growing every day. 
Abbe Lyle is a refined lady that as you will see operates her drone like a true professional.  Watching her movements is like what you see at the ballet.
You will see and hear much more from Abbe and others when I release the full documentary.

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