Friday, November 21, 2014

Equality, Race and Culture Always Collide Despite the Social Engineers.

Los Angeles, CA—In an location with more representation of clashing races and cultures than any other I’m searching for answers.   When looking for race relation solutions political correctness is an obvious problem, not a solution.
First I must debunk the biggest lie ever told.   All men are not created equal! What should be said is that basic kindness demands that we treat each other as equals.
To suggest we are all created equal actually is a very brutal reminder to those with less than the best genetic gifts. We all know only too well what traits or physical improvements we’d rather have.  Plastic surgeons along with companies making skin lightening and hair straightening products have never done better. 

Cultures can be respectful, peaceful and productive.  They can also be intolerant, destructive and barbaric.  I’m sorry but I insist the latter cultures are a sub-human species. 
The peaceful and productive humans must employ extreme measures rooted in our survival instinct to annihilate the cruel and destructive sub-species.  
California’s prisons are filled with the sub-species humans placed there because of despicable, cruel and unthinkable acts.  Blacks and Hispanics far outnumber whites or Asians when it comes to senseless and cruel violence.
Poverty can never provide an excuse for inflicting rape, murder or any form of violence on innocent victims.
Does inferior genes or culture cause horrible behavior?  This is the question that scientists have tried and failed to answer.  Some answers have come in the form of the theory of Eugenics and somewhat proven through bioengineering. 
Traits and characteristics can be programmed in plants animals.  When the same is suggested for humans is where delusional denial parts with reality.  Some people still refuse to accept the truth. 
If we were all truly equal there would not be taller, smarter, stronger or more attractive people.  Then there are those that have an uncanny ability to create wealth. 
Are Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered humans another sub-species?  The scientists have never unequivocally determined if this is a choice or genetic error.  These traits have no relation to productivity, intelligence or cruelty.  Frankly I’m dumbfounded why anyone would bother to worry about these traits. 
Simple kindness dictates that we must simply make an effort to tolerate, appreciate and embrace all but the cruel and barbaric.   Of course we should make every effort to set a good example and help the kindness challenged people around us that there is a better way.
I care not what anyone thinks, I won’t let anyone dictate to me that I must accept, employ or associate with violent, cruel people of any race, creed or religion.


E Lang said...

I pity you my brother; you apparently have lost all faith in your Creator – I’m sorry.

However, let’s address your notions about eugenics. The Nazis certainly tried to cleanse the German population of their social failures and yet today dysfunctional Germans still continue to be born and why? Because the genetic link to social failure is tenuous at best.

Take the notion of homosexuality as a genetic trait. It is of course impossible because the first expression of it would not have bred and therefore he or she would not have had any offspring to pass it on to. Even if it first expressed in a woman and she was impregnated by force her children would still have the same problem. If we are to give Darwin any consideration at all we’d be forced to conclude that the inherent weakness in that mutation would have condemned it to failure.

No my friend, I firmly believe it is nurture not nature that breeds the anti-social.

We humans do not live in a natural world and therefore is illogical to blame nature for the failure of some to conform.

Tenet said...

"your Creator - I'm sorry". Funny how religious people will pretend to be "sorry" for someone, when it's just their way of saying "Fukk you" while sounding holier-than-thou. Arrogant and hypocritical.

"The Nazis" - that shows your ignorance. The real word is Nazist. "Nazi" was a slur invented by the communist party in Germany, picked up by British newspapers. It is like saying "commie". And you are lying about Nationalist policy. They locked up criminals because that is what needed to be done, period. As a result, crime plummeted. Rapists were executed and rape therefore disappeared almost completely. They never said this policy would eradicate crime completely, that's just you lying. However, there are genetic distortions that make some people more crime prone, and removing those genes from the population will certainly DECREASE crime. But crime is ALSO caused by other factors. Other people can also commit crime, but they will be less crime prone.

But that is too complicated for you to understand. If people talk about genes you can only see them say "only genes", and the alternative, you think is "only environment". That's easy enough for you.

You are also wrong about homosexuality. Science has already proven that there are genetic distortions that cause it. Homosexual men have a female ratio between index finger and ring finger, while for homosexual women it is the other way around. Homosexual women also have a male-shaped inner ear. Genetic studies have found genes involved in homosexuality by distorting the testosterone flow in uterus. Now you learned something new.

However, there are ALSO psychological factors. 43 percent of homosexual women in the U.S. have been sexually molested, and 75 percent are obese, meaning it is harder for them to find a man. A large percentage of homosexual men have been molested as children - by homosexual men. The women who have been assaulted have then become afraid of men and turn to other women because it's safer. The assaulted men have become obsessed by homosexuality just like burn victims sometimes become obsessed with fire in an attempt to master that which has hurt them. (There must also be women and men who react to rape in the opposite direction, or don't have their sexual behavior altered by it at all, and therefore don't turn homosexual.) Furthermore, there are many drug users and social rejects who turn to the homosexual subculture for a while because of the easy sex, and because alcoholism and drug use are rampant factors. Studies show that most in the subculture only stay there temporarily.

So some are genetically homosexual, while others have their minds twisted because of different factors, and it is forbidden for psychologists to set them straight about this, even while they are allowed to criticize a patient's turning to other deviant behaviors as a coping mechanism.

"No my friend" - again with the fake "friend" and "sorry" nonsense just masking your hatred with a holier-than-thou attitude. "Look how superior I am for saying friendly things to the lowly person I hate."

"I firmly believe" - that's because you are an ignorant leftist who thinks it is all about YOUR belief and feelings, not the FACTS that have been found. You don't bother looking for the research facts because they smash your worldview.

"We humans do not live in a natural world" - What a dumb comment. If the real world wouldn't be the natural world, then what is? Do you think we live in a computer simulation?

Anonymous said...

E Lang - you know you're brainwashed since you've given the pavlovian response of bringing up Nazism whenever someone talks about human evolution.

I'm sure you're the same guy who says creationists are a joke yet there you are believing men are purely created by other men.

Take your dogmas and throw them out. Wake up and stop being a sheep. Human evolution is real and it's obvious that many sub-humans are simply born that way.

Anonymous said...

Live long enough in Chicago, and one can be canonized a racial realist. I agree with much of what you have expressed. I have over 20 years of experience working with various immigrant groups. Asians are a unique group. On the surface when one goes to a restaurant in Chinatown all seems fine. It is the unseen, behind the scenes where vice occurs. Through the years there have been gambling bust, heroin and prostitution rings, identity theft, the selling of pirated goods etc. People from India are often involved in Medicare/Medicaid scams and fraud. Arabs and Pakis have a reputation for insurance fraud, food stamp,and lottery fraud. Many are involved in the buying and selling of stolen goods and the funding of terrorism.The average American has no clue about the third world fraudsters we allow in this country.