Monday, November 10, 2014

Jodi Arias Is A Free Woman!

Phoenix, AZ—The defense in the Jodi Arias case has filed a Poison Pill Motion that will end the prosecution of Arias.  She will be set free without as much as a jaywalking conviction!
According to the motion the computer belonging to Travis Alexander, while in police custody was tampered with.   Thousands of pornographic files were deleted in a very serious case of evidence tampering.
Arias claimed under oath during her trial that she discovered Alexander masturbating while looking at porn images of little boys.  Prosecutor Juan Martinez had repeatedly ridiculed Arias in arguments as a liar saying she made that up. 
This is bad as prosecutorial misconduct can getThere is no other legal remedy now but to send Arias home.
I don’t anticipate Arias being held in custody beyond a week or two under the cataclysmic circumstances.
What remains are the federal and local investigations into the evidence tampering, violation of civil rights and obstruction of justice by cops and perhaps a prosecutor. 
As for the legions of trial watching trolls that demanded the death penalty for Arias emotional meltdowns are on the way!
Nancy Grace had better get some better medication from her shrink because this news will make her head explode!
I predicted this outcome long ago and it comes as no surprise to me.  I was criticized, condemned and castigated for telling it the way it was. 
As for Jodi Arias, I wish her luck and hope she makes good use of the life that’s being returned to her! 

Read Motion Below:


True News said...

Great job following this case and helping!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have a serious question and that's why did it take the defense six years to examine Alexander's computer? This is what we all see when defendants are at the mercy of indigent defense legal and investigative services… She should have been free five years ago..

Unknown said...

let's set Julianne Darius free I am really sick of this trial

let's set Jodi arias free I am very sick of this trial she's been locked up for 6 yearsset her free now

Anonymous said...

Paul you are an honor to the chicago police dept! And ..............neener neener I told you so...

19 paul and put a lunch ticket behind THIS one Brother!

Lynne Richards 101 said...

What a turn of events for the defense. If this is indeed factual, I hope that whole department that was part of prosecution team including "Mr. Prosecutor" himself, are held accountable. Hopefully Ms. Arias will be released. She has more than paid her debt back to society. Great article Mr. Huebl!