Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Breaking News! A Horrible FAA Civilian Drone Regulation Appeal Ruling!

Los Angeles, CA –Today the NTSB ruled that the FAA may continue to ban any commercial use model aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.
We are anxiously awaiting the FAA’s long overdue and final regulations on the drones that have become so popular primarily to photographers.
The ruling leaves in tact the incredibly vague, subjective and overly broad language in it’s provision, “No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner as to endanger the life or property or another.”  This language could allow for some judge to find that the mere flight of a device to be unlawful. 
This is amazing since despite that there’s never been a single death or serious reported injury involving a multi-rotor camera drones. 
If the unreasonably intrusive requirements recently imposed on filmmakers granted drone operation FAA permits are a sign of things to come this industry is doomed at least in the USA.
For now the use of drones by hobbyists is still legal.  However should payment for images be involved the FAA may bring the full force of government on those who dare.
We will have to see just what damage the FAA will do to the burgeoning civilian camera drone industry.   I’m not confidant that they will be measured or reasonable to filmmakers, the news media or photographers.  Now there are more reasons to avoid producing television programming or motion pictures anywhere but inside the United States. 
Should police or the FAA ever attempt to question you about your drone activities or financial arrangements, never lie to them.  Instead tell them you want a lawyer present before you answer any questions.  Frankly without your admissions, lies or other information their investigations will be severely crippled.
Here is today’s ruling:
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