Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hollywood has exiled Archie Bunker, Dirty Harry and Paul Kersey

Hollywood, CA—Let me begin with a disclaimer.  I don’t suggest for a second that bigotry; hate or genocide should be glorified or be made acceptable in our society.  The fact is these ugly things are a part of our world and writing them out of film scripts is not going to cleanse us of these human imperfections.
Books and films are about the life-changing events on this earth.  By necessity we must show evil, hate, violence, war, heroism, peace and love because these are the human realty. Police investigations go wrong and innocent people are convicted.  Sometime justice happens.  All of these things give us the ability to tell the stories that need to be told. 
We must always try and preserve the truth of the human experience.
The only brave filmmaking soul left that seems to escape the political correctness police is Quentin Tarantino.  However, should Tarantino ever make a film that shows Gays in a less than stellar light he will find himself permanently exiled to the Cornfield.
How bold it was for Clint Eastwood to bring us Dirty Harry in 1971.  That legendary scene where he guns down a gang of African-American bank robbers would never see the light of day in today's Hollywood.  The bank robbers would have to be white to satisfy Hollywood’s PC cops.
Archie Bunker graced the small screen with lots of racial and homophobic insults.  The idea was to give the audience a slice of life for a poorly educated bigot in a modern society.  In the end Archie was very human and just somewhat misunderstood.  The Archie character was just more ignorant than mean spirited.  
Today the Paul Kersey character from the film Death Wish would have to be African-American and his antagonist’s white supremacists! 
Hollywood has created a false Fantasy Land that eradicates anything that would offend minorities or Gays.  I say that telling the truth is always better and perhaps we need more scripts where we extol the contributions made by the minorities we are trying to protect. 
We do see to neglect the real heroes that are Women, Minorities or Gays.  An example of a good film in that regard was Dallas Buyer’s Club.   They allowed Homophobia to be seen and Jared Leto’s transgender character came off as a genuine hero.  Perhaps that film could be made because in the end that film the homophobic bigots looked foolish.  
We must face the facts that Gays, women and minorities can be evil and not be afraid to show that in films.
When we make a film about police work today we reverse the racial demographics of the cities depicted.  That kind of pandering is so overtly outrageous it makes the film a sick caricature of reality.  Sanitizing scripts in the name of political correctness is an affront to art and truth. 
Today’s Hollywood would never allow a scene like this:


Anonymous said...

Not only that Paul, but can you imagine any of today's actors being credible in a scene like that?

E Lang said...

Dear Paul:

If I were on an Olympic scoring committee I’d be holding up a 10 for that brilliant essay but I don’t think you’ve gone far enough. Our self-appointed liberal thought police don’t just limit their efforts to racial issues. They insist on nothing less then imposing their entire kindergarten brained agenda upon us all.

The wealthy for the example in movies must always be portrayed as “greedy”. As if it was greed alone that made them rich. If people became rich just by being greedy then every one of those class warfare promoting idiots would be Daddy Warbucks mega-rich! Greed doesn’t make anyone rich – talent does but somehow to the childish liberal mind whatever the rich man did to acquire his wealth never seems to register as significant.

Then there is the absolutely ludicrous idea that wealth is a zero sum game and that the only reason one person has more then another is by nefarious means.

That is Godzilla size stupid!

When a man takes iron ore out of the ground and turns it into steal it is worth more. The difference between what the ore was worth and what the steel is worth - is wealth – by definition. It is wealth and it was created without expense to anyone else. It is new wealth too that increases the sum total of our planet's value. There is not a fixed amount of wealth in our world because such wealth is created every second of every minute and there is no fair means to share it either. If one man is more productive then another he will have more wealth in his pocket and the only way to change that is by theft. That sure doesn’t sound fair to me!

However to our noble self anointed intellectual saviors such thinking is akin to Albert Einstein's theoretical physics. It doesn’t even register on their plane of existence. They’ve got about as much awareness for what it took to bring a stick of butter to their breakfast table as they do for how Neil Armstrong accomplished walking on the moon.

They’re simpletons and see the world through simpleton glasses. They can’t understand what they’re looking at so they simply impose their own erroneous delusions upon reality in terms that will bring them gratification – just like a five year old in Kindergarten.

But you what on second thought. I think I owe the Kindergartners an apology. At least they make up stories because they don’t know any better. Liberals do it to make themselves feel good and that is down right evil.