Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Quadcopter video! DJI Phanton 2 with GoPro3+ camera at work.

This is from a friend's property in Wayne, IL.  The morning light helped make some cinematic art.  I saw the raw video on a new 65 inch TV and the resolution and detail blew me a way.  Please enjoy!


Indy Reasoner said...

Greetings Paul,

Didn't find a link to send an e-mail, so I'm doing it this way.

Thought you might like this link, if you haven't already seen it:

He's on about people talking about the sky falling because of drones.

You've done a REALLY great job of getting me excited about drones, but nonetheless, I can't help still having some concerns about how they might (will) be used in privacy-damaging ways.

Well, they're here. They're cool. I don't think they're going anywhere. Well, up and all over, but you know what I mean!

All the best! kldimond

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

There are many other and bigger threats to privacy then these. You can turn a simple rock or hammer into an instrument of evil. It's not an object that's evil it's a person....