Saturday, May 03, 2014

Is Donald Sterling an Obvious Victim of Wiretapping and Extortion?

Los Angeles, CA—It seems more than obvious that 80 year-old billionaire, lawyer, real estate developer and L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling was a victim of an extortionist.   That woman presumed to be his former girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano illegally recorded his private conversation without his consent and then may have sold the recording to when Sterling did not meet her demands.
It’s appalling how in America the race-baiting thought police moved in against Sterling by publicly trashing and penalizing him with a $2.5 million fine.  They also permanently banned him from games; facilities and they are now trying to force him to sell his personal property, the L.A.  Clippers.
I’m not defending what Sterling may have said privately in a moment of frustration but I doubt it reflects Sterling’s real feelings.  He has never once hired, fired or discriminated against anyone on account of race!  He’s even given millions away to groups including the NAACP!  
Sterling has depended on African-American athletes as no small part of his investment in the Clippers.  That’s not the action of a racist.
The African-American members of the Clippers and their families should be standing guard around Sterling but many of these millionaire players have instead abandoned him. 
Have the race-baiters won?  Where is a Grand Jury investigation complete with subpoenas for TMZ, Stiviano and her friends?  Where are the criminal charges? 
Is our media so twisted that they can’t even try to be fair about the slaughtering of a man's reputation with an unlawfully obtained recording?
This story is far from over.  I can’t wait to see Sterling exercising his own legal remedies against those that have victimized him. 


wildbill562 said...

Sterling's only comment verifies your thesis. “I wish I had just paid her off.”

Anonymous said...

I'm troubled by this mess and how the first amendment got tossed out the window. Where is the ACLU when you need them? Forget the fact that the conversation was unlawfully and immorally obtained, isn't Sterling allowed his opinion, especially when he had a reasonable expectation of privacy? The free market place should decide his fate. If he wants to talk like a baffoon that's his right. It's also the right of consumers not to support his business.

How much racial rancor exists in pro sports locker rooms today? I'm sure there are many bad words spoken in both a joking and serious fashion. Will the athletes be subjected to the same treatment?

Personally I hope he fights this in the courts and wins. Then he can sell his team if he wishes. I also hope he learns to keep his mouth shut.