Friday, November 09, 2012

The Benghazi Cover-up is Now at Critical Mass.

Where is Paula Broadwell?  Is she in mortal danger tonight?
Washington, DC—By comparison Nixon’s Watergate scandal is small potatoes.  The Benghazi terror attack cover-up is far worse.  Today General David Petraeus resigned as director of the CIA in the nick of time to avoid giving sworn testimony before Congress on Monday.
We must remember that former President Bill Clinton is the modern standard for high-level adultery.  An intern, Monica Lewinski on company time, was servicing him as he conducted high-level business on the telephone in the Oval Office.  He was not forced to resign even after giving perjured testimony at a sworn deposition.  
The woman who knows all is Paula Broadwell and she is now far away from members of the press who are stalking her.   She is in extreme danger in my opinion.  They will either bribe anyone into silence or kill anyone they fear will blab. 
Paula Broadwell needs to be located and protected before something horrible happens


Anonymous said...

What difference does it make. Its only news if the media reports it. We now know nothing negative will be allowed to reach day light if it portrays the messiah in a negative manner. A week or so ago I read a story entitled: Romney didn't serve in the military many Mormons do. Reading the story it became apparent that the story was written by a campaign operative and sent to the reporter. The reporter was so lazy that she didn't even change the context as evidenced by the line "it should be pointed out that this administration did not serve in the military". That line was buried in the fifth paragraph after a page of slamming Romney. All is lost our media/entertainment complex is little more than Pravada 2.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope and pray that all of the details come out regarding the Benghazi fiasco and once we know who did what, that President Obama gets impeached for letting our people get slaughtered while he did nothing.

Anonymous said...

The progressive center left types like Michael Moore and Bill Maher are already spewing their pablum on this one.They are saying to move along,nothing to see here,its not a conspiracy,its the RNC being goofy.