Monday, November 19, 2012

Chicago’s Magnificant Mile is Under Siege and Very Dangerous. Stay Away!

Jimmy Harris (Chicago Police Booking Photo)
Chicago, IL—The Windy City is under siege.  Tourists, residents and workers are constantly under attack by violent predators.  The victims are almost exclusively White.  The predators are exclusively African-American.  Chicago has been a breeding ground for a bankrupt, dangerous and violent culture that has devoured African-Americans.
Let me make myself clear.  This is not about genetic deficiencies or the color of skin.  This is about a culture that was adopted, nurtured and encouraged over many generations.   This was and is simply just another diabolical and insidious form genocide designed to destroy the Black race.
Chicago’s politicians here have created this culture by encouraging African Americans to remain ignorant, totally dependent and completely void of any family values.  
Through entitlements, tolerance of violence, generally bad behavior and acceptance of educational failure Chicago has created this cultural monster.  It’s frightening and incredibly expensive for businesses and taxpayers.  This phenomenon must be dealt with but instead it’s ignored.
In yet another stunning example this state of affairs a peaceful family gathered to enjoy the Festival of Lights Celebration and quiet dinner inside the Westin Hotel on Michigan Avenue. 
The horror began inside the restroom where a recently paroled career criminal 56 year-old, Jimmy Harris attacked stabbing and slashing his victim, an Oakbrook, IL physician.    The bloody victim tried to flee from Harris and the struggle continued outside of the bathroom.  A bartender from the restaurant tried to intervene but was also was stabbed by Harris. 
Harris was eventually located and arrested by police who charged him with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery with intent to do great bodily harm and aggravated unlawful restraint.
The victims were transported to the hospital for some lifesaving care and will definitely receive huge medical bills very soon.  Thankfully they survived.
Chicago’s gun bans to not protect the innocent by keeping them disarmed and defenseless.  Chicagoans have the right to keep and bear arms only on paper because the local politicians have hijacked the Bill of Rights.  
Anyone carrying a firearm for needed protection from criminals such as Harris are simply arrested, unmercifully punished and given a criminal record for the rest of their lives.   They also lose their business licenses and future employment opportunities because of the public record.
Chicago’s politicians have squandered billions on wasteful programs designed only to enrich their campaign contributions.  They have let the Chicago Police Department become underfunded, under-armed, ineffective and largely irrelevant.   
I have to beg the question, how can Chicago thrive under it’s current politicians?  Chicago’s government has taxed businesses far beyond extortionate levels. They have made safe travel into the city impossible and parking insanely expensive.  The Miracle Mile is all but on life support.
The City of Chicago refuses to protect its citizens and visitors and then refuses to let them protect themselves.  Chicago can become a ghost town like Detroit or simply get smart. 
As for those law-abiding people still living in Chicago they need to place their safety far above those un-Constitutional gun bans.  They need to get training and then carry firearms on their person so they can protect themselves and families.   They also need to leave the scenes of any shootings for their own safety and NOT talk to or cooperate with police. 
There is no law requiring the reporting of a shooting like we have for automobile accidents.  Americans have an absolute right to remain silent and that silence cannot be used against them in court.  Juries can’t be told you did not report the shooting or talk with police.
The rank and file cops have to simply ignore enforcement of the gun bans and avoid locating or arresting anyone that has used, or more commonly threatened deadly force in self-defense.
Chicago’s politicians have gone the wrong direction for decades and will never change their ways.  The citizens however must stand up to Tyranny or be swallowed by it. 


Anonymous said...

You seem like a good man, but you've taken leave of your senses on this one. This is a race and genetics problem. If it's not then why aren't poor whites and Mexicans as violent and out of control as the blacks? Don't report this stuff then cast the violent black assailant as some sort of unwitting victim of a cruel system.

Blacks rioted and murdered in the 1960's for the very same entitlements that you claim harms them. And they will riot and murder if you attempt to take them away. The NAACP has issued such veiled threats many times over the years.

This outbreak of animalistic violence by blacks against whites calls for real white men willing to mete out frontier justice.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in government who is responsible, in any way, for the release of this savage should be locked up, preferably with him as a cell mate. That includes judges and politicians alike, especially Gov. Quinn, who likes to release these animals on an unsuspecting public, claiming that he is saving money in the process.