Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oakland, CA Savages Have Targeted TV News Crews in Violent Robberies

Oakland, CA—TV news crews here are making news themselves, as victims of stunning and violent crimes.  Additionally tens of thousands of dollars with of equipment is gone.
Recently in probably what’s become the most hostile African-American enclave in America the local savages have brazenly attacked and terrorized TV news crews even during live broadcasts.   The thugs have taken, cameras, broadcast equipment, cell phones, laptops and cash from reporters and photographers at gunpoint.
One such armed robbery of a TV news crew happened in broad daylight right in front of a public school!  Now it’s being reported that some Bay videographers are simply refusing to do stories in Oakland because they are in fear for their lives. 
I suspect this incredibly violent trend will soon take root in every major city.  This dangerous craze will eventually end in murders. 
Nobody in the mainstream media will dare report the truth about the African-American Culture of Violence that has plagued this nation in recent years.  They will continue to pretend that racial overtones are somehow not involved.   
Even in cities where concealed weapons are totally legal the Liberal media members and news directors would go catatonic or worse at the thought of any reporters using a firearm to successfully defend their own lives.  
These days with declining viewership TV news organizations can barely pay their employees a living wage anymore.  Adding armed security or off duty cops to news crews would all but bankrupt these businesses.  Knowing news directors as I do they will try to provide the thugs with additional victims by using only unarmed security guards.
The use of live remote broadcasts or even routine electronic news gathering may end in African-American neighborhoods, as we once knew it.  
When you think about it the news stories in these neighborhoods particularly at night nearly exclusively involve similar despicable and violent crimes. 


Robert the Biker said...

You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh at this!

Anonymous said...

TV "journalists" are the new pizza delivery drivers who are called racist for not delivering to dangerous areas. Let's carefully watch how they report on this situation.

Perhaps they will revive the old ABC trick of staging a correspondent in a raincoat and place them in a studio setting to appear as though they are actually outside at the scene.