Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stolen Valor Designated by the Supreme Court as Free Speech

David Grove, Fake War Hero
Washington, DC—Most true heroes I’ve met are somewhat slow to talk about their exploits to strangers. Okay, I will make an exception for decorated politicians. There are cemeteries filled real heroes. There are lots real heroes that have never been recognized for their selfless acts. 

We give medals, admiration and our thanks to those who risked life and limb to save others. Then there is the valor thief who brags about dangerous missions and exploits that never happened. These are total jerks that con their way through life. They do this to get employment, trust and attention from potential sex partners. There is usually some kind of ill-gotten gain involved. 

Thankfully today there are military databases that list those who have won distinguished awards that can be used to expose some of the fraudsters. 

I served my country as an Army Medical corpsman in Cold War Germany somehow escaping combat in Viet Nam. Frankly the only danger I saw came from fellow soldiers that like to get drunk and fight. I don’t know how to explain this, but I’m as proud of my service as I would if I’d have won the Congressional Medal of Honor

I have to admit that I do sometimes think sadly about those brave young souls, my peers, who died perhaps in my place. The Viet Nam War was my war. I was drafted because of it and believed in the concept that our precious and rapidly evaporating freedom was earned at a heavy price. Lady Luck or the Good Lord was looking out for me. 

The Broadway hit musical, Miss Saigon that recreates the fall of South Vietnam tears at my heartstrings whenever I see it or listen to the soundtrack. The Leftist cowards in our Congress double-crossed the people of South Viet Nam and facilitated the holocaust at Pol Pot’s killing fields. I can’t help but imagine the abject terror of those trying to escape on overloaded helicopters sent to evacuate them from the roof of the US Embassy. 

I can’t imagine having such an empty worthless life that making crap up could ever be considered an option. I guess some jerks feel little or no shame being exposed as a valor thieves. The use of stolen valor or for that matter any lie for financial gain should always be a serious crime. 

I also think of an old friend, Joe Foss. Foss was a WWII flying ace that redundantly risked his life in the Pacific in mortal air combat with suicidal Japanese fighter pilots. President Franklin Roosevelt placed the Congressional Medal of Honor, around his neck. Foss went on to become the AFL commissioner, Governor of South Dakota and President of the National Rifle Association

Before Foss died a several years ago he was publically humiliated by one of the incredibly ignorant douchebags employed by the TSA. The TSA screener deemed the pin on the back of Foss’s medal to be a deadly weapon and confiscated it! Foss, who was then in his 80’s, had to summon local police to intervene and retrieve his award. 

Foss was bringing that hard earned medal to a speaking engagement. Joe Foss was more than a hero. He was a patriot, a leader and someone I’m very proud to have known. Speech is protected in this nation, as it should be. However, I admit I’d be the first to look away if a valor thief was getting the beating of his life.

 Learn more about the late and great hero, Joe Foss


Anonymous said...

Sadly, much of the younger Generation of obama-kiddies does not GAF about anything related to Patriotism, respect for our Military, or anything else, other than themselves, and what they can get free from the working Taxpayers, by whining and bitching their way thru life. This has much to do with why we have all but lost our precious, God-Fearing, Christian Nation.

JeremyR said...

So, if telling purest BS about being a war hero is protected, and wearing medals not earned is OK, then punching their face into pulp should also be protected speach if done by some one who served, some one who knows some one who served, or some one who feels a debt of gratitude to those who served.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the posers in the police world,oh wait,those are called white shirts.