Sunday, June 03, 2012

Why Obama is Rapidly Losing Many of his Most Ardent Supporters

Washington, DC—Barack Obama promised Hope and Change from the Bush Administration’s eight-year disaster.  The primary complaints by the Democrats included that Bush had involved us in two incredibly expensive Mideast Wars.  Bush supported and signed the dreaded Patriot Act.  The Bush Administration was simply not transparent enough.  The economy was faltering and America needed jobs.   Frankly, I can’t argue against the fact that George W. Bush was one of our worst presidents ever.
Desperate Americans elected a nearly total stranger with a broad smile who was a lot younger than his opposition, that has-been dinosaur, Senator John McCain.   McCain a well-known Republican pretender was simply unable to excite or attract Conservative voters to the polls.  With only the Left and African-Americans going to the polls Obama won the otherwise lackluster election.
Now with his first term set to expire, nobody can argue that Obama didn’t give us everything Bush did, but in spades.   Obama has yet to end the two Bush wars and has gotten us into a third war with Libya.   As I write this, the Obama Administration is engaged in heavy-duty saber rattling with Syria and Iran.  Instead of winding down these wars Obama has only turned up the heat and cost in both dollars and our children’s lives.  
The Democrats had always considered the Patriot Act, Fascist.  Instead of wiping it from the books Obama has made it far more draconian and un-American. 
As for transparency, Obama sidestepped his vetted and Congressional approved Cabinet and appointed a group Czars that answer only to him and in secret.  The so-called Health Care Reform legislation was promulgated in secret despite Obama’s promises to publish everything on the Internet.  When this monster was drafted the public and voting members of Congress had no time to read it.   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accurately said, We must pass the Health Care Bill to find out what’s in it.”
Faceless Czars recruited from the ranks of the Far Left Fringe have been running the Obama Administration.  It is these people that are pulling Obama’s strings and writing the words for his Teleprompters.  If Obama seems like he does not have a clue sometimes it’s because he doesn’t. 
Obama is apparently clueless and incompetent.  He has walked all over our Constitution and Liberty.   To this day he’s never publically delivered or revealed a plan for America’s future.
Imagine the screaming Democrats would have been doing if George W. Bush brought about the NDAA to hold Americans citizens without trials or access to lawyers?  Imagine the same with respect to authorizing our military to engage in law enforcement activity on Americans? 
Obama did this all in his first term.  Imagine what he will do in a second term where he’d not have to answer to the voters?
Other Democrat hot button issues like the Federal Death Penalty have seen no reforms whatsoever.
Then there is the TSA abuse of our children; seniors and the disabled that has gone unchallenged and supported fully by Obama.   The Airlines, tourism and hospitality industries have been hard hit at a time when America never needed jobs more.  Since the TSA began nearly every airline has filed bankruptcy.   As the Obama Administration claim safety concerns they began to quietly end the program that had trained and armed our pilots to protect our planes sending mixed messages.  
I cannot forget to mention the trillions of dollars in bailout, bribery and “stimulus” handouts to anyone and everyone other than hard working American taxpayers.   How many jobs did that obscene money waste create?  The only beneficiary seems to be the offshore banks where the bulk of the money is today. 
Obama’s supporters are slowly beginning to understand they bought into this stranger’s hollow promises to make things better.  Have they gotten better?  Unfortunately we all know the answer to that. 


Anonymous said...

Good post! That shares an outline of the many faults of the Obama term as POTUS.

I say term and hope I never have to revise that with the qualifier '1st' in front of it.

Anonymous said...

When you are "THE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER" "LOBBING" GRENADES at The Bush Administration was EASY, calling hin "UNAMERICAN" for raising the Debt Limit was easy, BUT when "GOOFY" became the Leader NOT SO EASY. He's going to lose in NOV. AND go down as one of the most inept POTUS NEXT to Jimmy Carter.