Monday, June 04, 2012

Fox News Has Jettisoned Conservatives in Favor of Pretenders and Liberals

New York, NY—Fox News Channel came on the scene when there was no media voice that countered the constant and uninterrupted tidal wave of Liberal propaganda from every TV screen.   Fox was and is a cable channel that managed to beat every other news competitor specifically CNN and MSNBC at the ratings game.
Fox News was always weak in broadcasting breaking news video because they never invested enough into resources.  Instead they toss a few reporter generated stories around and do the bare minimum on breaking news.  If the story happens in a location where they have no assets video is painfully slow to be shown on Fox. 
What Fox News did do right was to have Conservative talking heads that offered up something different from the rest.  They had Glen Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano to counter the onslaught of the Left Wing broadcasters.   That has all changed for the worse.
Radio survived after many stations brought in Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Michael Savage and Lew Rockwell along with many others.  Unlike the radio business, TV moguls however, have been able to control what appears on TV screens.  Conservatism has simply not managed to become integrated into any portion of our TV lineup.  
In its beginning, Fox had a difficult time getting placed into cable lineups because they refused to play in harmony with the Left Wing propagandists.  Every possible roadblock was put into place including sponsor intimidation.  Fox proved popular and financial considerations understandingly won out over political ones. 
The restraint of trade and criminal racketeering of the broadcasting industry has continued and accordingly Fox has been forced into firing anyone with a, too Conservative message.  Yes, Fox took the coward’s way out. 
Fox does have a cadre of Leftists and pretend Conservatives on the payroll now and anything deemed too Conservative is censored. Pretenders Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are a lot of things but Conservative, is just not one of them.  Criticizing Obama does not qualify to brand anyone Conservative. 
Fox News has plenty of lifetime liberal talking heads like Sheppard Smith, Geraldo Rivera and Bob Beckel.  They have been joined by others to somewhat satisfy the Left wing media policy makers. 
Fox has steadfastly refused to cover the question of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President even after startling new evidence surfaced that his purported birth certificate is a forgery.  The fact that Obama has spent well beyond a million dollars fighting efforts to expose birth, passport, student loan, Selective Service and Illinois Sate Bar records that would put the controversy to rest makes everything so obvious.  Obama is not a citizen and cannot serve as our President. 
Regular TV advertisers have boycotted Fox after organized efforts at sponsor harassment by Left Wing agitators.  In the process the sponsors lost revenue after cowering to the Left’s threats.
Fox has been neutered and left totally gutless.  I have since cancelled my own cable TV subscription.  I get my own news and information on the Internet or radio.
The good thing is that TV and radio broadcasting is dying a quick death.  Everything will soon be Internet provided.  Until the Left can gain control over and censor the Internet it may remain the only place where speech is truly free. 
Every day our politicians are trying to find ways for the FCC or for that matter any federal agency to control and censor Internet content.  Controlling the world’s information is truly the key to controlling the world.  



Anonymous said...

Excellent Paul, Excellent !

Anonymous said...

When the truth prevails and America finds out they elected a Manchurian Candidate to the highest office in this country someone has to pay.

Anonymous said...

Sure, FoxNews has some liberals on their staff such as Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, but isn't that living up to their "fair and balanced" motto?

Anonymous said...

Fox News IS slip-sliding down the tubes, especially with the likes of:

Geraldo- one of the worst investigative reporters and commentators on the planet. [Al Capone's Vault] maybe should have been the clue]

Mark [the LAPD Detective who can't Detect] Furman, who, after TOTALLY bungling the O.J. Simpson Case, resulting in his aquittal, gets a lucrative contract with Fox News, for, essentially being a failure, and far more inexperienced "Homicide Detective" than most REAL Homicide Detectives in the Country, [but he does have "pretty hair, like John Edwards".
Bob Beckel, the over-stuffed, has been, Socialist Blow-Hard, who would suck a hotchie to smell Obama's ass.
Bill, "I'm the Greatest, cause I'm Tall, and Narcissistic, like Obama" O'Reilly, who is too chicken to report on the numerous fraudulant documents purported and produced by Barak Obama to be true, while Obam pays Millions to cover up the whole fraud. That's OK O'Reilly, don't make any waves, don't want your book sales to drop, Mr. Chicken-S*i#.
Alan Colmes: the Liberal lapdog with the deformed head, who also can't say enough about the Socialist Obama, without any substantial facts to back up what he says.
Juan Williams: who turns every issue into a Racial one, and can't seem to stand the fact that he's Black. A perpetual Whiner who seldom, if ever, has any real facts to back up his opinions.
Judge Anderw Napolitano: Who was one of the most articualte, intelligent, and knowledgable Fox News Commentators, thrown under the Bus for his pro-Constitutional Views, and replaced with a sub-standard comentator far less knowledgable and far less talented, but probably a little better looking.
Sean Hannity: who fights the Good Fight against the evil Obama Administration constantly, and is now the best on Fox, as he doesn't seem to back down, like the rest, except for Gretta, who is quite a tough and facual investigative Reporter.
It's as if Fox News Cow-Towwed to the non-existant "Fairness Doctrine" , having some of these liberal Gas-Bags on so much of the time. Although it IS a fact and opinion News Station, how often do you see ANY Liberal [Socialist Mainstream News Media source] Station fairly and factually present any sort of Conservative znewspoint by Conservative newscasters employed by the Station?
Fox News is not Fair and Balanced, as it once was, and this is why napolitano, a brilliant Constitutional Scholar, is no longe employed by Fox, as are fruitcake Colmes, Williams, and Helium-Head Beckel.