Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Red-Faced Chicago Official Have A Mess to Clean Up

Chicago, Il—They had a contest for artists to design the Chicago Vehicle Tax sticker for every car in the city.

They found a “winner” who placed the hand signals of his own violent street gang on his offering for the prize. City officials actually gave this little gang puke a $1,000.00 savings bond for his stunt.

I’d hope that no Chicago cop would dare write a citation for anyone refusing to purchase or place that garbage on his windshield.

My fellow blogger, Detective Shaved Longcock blew the whistle on this stunt and the story has gone national.

UPDATE! : It seems the city is scrapping the gang version! Shaved submitted his own replacement design for the city sticker. Click on it and take a close look! I think he's git a winner!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Tiny Dancer is more concerned about killing the messenger than he is about this little scandal. He has the complicit media watching his back.

Anonymous said...

The news media is already starting to spin this story in favor of this being much ado about nothing. Once that meme settles in, they will being attacking DSLC.

Anonymous said...

WGN and CLTV has been trotting out the little shithead all day, crying his little gangbanging eyes out.

No mention of "herb dilla" or his run in with the gang unit a couple of weeks back.

Anonymous said...

Where is the premier gang expert of Chicago, Leo Schmitz?

I have yet to hear the policeman with the most extensive knowledge of Chicago gangs. Leo has not been interviewed or has not chimed in on the representation of Maniac Latin Disciple imagery on the Chicago city sticker.

Has anyone seen or heard Leo? I have never seen Leo remain silent like this.

Is Leo afraid to tell the truth? I have never seen Leo so timid and scared.

I think Rahm is no Tiny Dancer but a roaring lion who was able to tame Leo the Bull!

I strongly encourage all the Chicago news media outlets to contact Leo Schmitz the PREMIER GANG EXPERT of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Whoever looks at the city sticker anyway. There is no need for any picture at all. The more colors used in making the sticker the more it cost to make it. Simply a number and and expiriation date is all that is needed. Hey Rahm "g\Get a mitt and get in the game"