Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Hasty Exit

Beverly Hills, CA—It was here at the late Merv Griffin’s old Beverly Hills Hilton that the award overloaded Whitney Houston took her last breath.

It’s a sad tale of an African-American woman who despite immense talent could not escape addiction to the deadly poison that obviously killed her.

Houston’s public behavior so-often lacked any of the dignity of her mellow voice. She was well beyond the point of humiliation.

Despite her music catalog’s incredible earnings Houston seemed barely a step ahead of the process servers and collection lawyers.

The last photos of her are pathetic. It shows an entourage of parasitic types holding her up. It looks like they were propping up their personal ATM.

The good news here is the courts will take control of her music’s future earnings for her only child. Most of her inner circle will now have to suck someone else’s blood for a change.

As for the War on Drugs, that was won against liberty, privacy, and has made all the wrong people hundreds of billions of dollars or more. Our politicians love that cash cow and will never let it go.

As for drug treatment, it’s only available to people who need it. They don’t want or need it for a cure but to reduce they time they’d otherwise be spending behind bars. Treatment needs to be reserved for only those that want to change their lives.

Every drug addict in America knows they can do whatever it takes to get the cash to purchase what no War on Drugs can stop.


Anonymous said...

Whitney Houston was very very beautiful, gifted and had a very special and unique voice. Her singing voice at its peak was untouchable.

She was blessed with the voice of a Goddess, a very strong and proud woman at one time.

We all come into this world and must remember that...

there but for the grace of God or the grace of whatever,

or there because of the grace or our parents or there because of the lack of grace of parents, or no parents go I.

We also may lack will power and a good brain in the end because of drugs and/or ill health.

Whitney Houston gave to this world - something very very very special

a world which at times can be very grim

She gave to this world her soulful and beautiful heartfelt voice...

For a brief moment in time...

Let us remember Whitney Houston for that!

Anonymous said...

We will always love you Whitney...

Anonymous said...

Whitney started out as an extremely talented beautiful young lady, who was quickly pounced on by the buzzards of Hollywierd, and the Pop/Rap Perverts who are nothing but parasites. They talked their shit to her, got her on the dope, and forever ruined the rest of her life. RIP Whitney.. Your own people had a major hand in your slow killing by death from drugs.

Anonymous said...

Color and race is not what Whitney Houston's music was about. Whitney reached people no matter what color

The last comment stated, "RIP Whitney - Your own people had a major hand in your slow killing by death from drugs."

This is such a crock of shee...t. The issue is NOT RACE

It takes two to tango in a drug situation no matter what color you are. If you have the inner strength you always have the choice to bail from a rotten drug relationship. Unfortunately Whitney didn't have the inner strength to break from her rotten drug habit and rotten relationships.

She is not alone and she joins many people American and otherwise. Since we might say the same thing about Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrisson, Anna NIcole Smith, John Belushi, Lenny Bruce, John Bonham, Richard Burton, John Cassavetes, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Sigmund Freud, Judy Garland, Tim Hardin, Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday, Michael Jackson, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Ike Turner

Once again - not a race issue, an inner strength issue which needs to find safe harbor from bad drugs and rotten relationships - NO MATTER WHAT COLOR OR NATIONALITY YOU ARE.