Monday, February 06, 2012

Why it can’t be, Made in America

Washington, DC—America has a long and proud manufacturing tradition that has been banished from our shores.

I’m saying banished because the Socialists and Communists in our own Whitehouse, government and Congress are to blame. The manufacturers have all fled extortionate government taxation and excessive demands by labor unions.

I’ve always supported the concept of workers being paid fairly if for no other reasons it keeps them off the dole and we all benefit from what they/we consume.

The Socialist and Communist traitors also have intentionally regulated business to death. There has been an ongoing effort to destroy productivity and the American way of life. They’re out to replace our form of government with the failed Communist model.

Productivity must be rewarded in our system, and instead it’s punished. Instead we reward the ignorant and lazy by robbing those that produce.

Our nation cannot survive until every last Communist is purged from our government.

The Communists have made every effort to import crime, poverty, violence and drugs through obstruction of justice. They have simply ended the prosecution of our immigration laws. If the immigration laws are so unpopular they can be changed. Americans want their laws enforced or they’d have demanded the laws be repealed.

The reason for government obstruction of immigration laws is to dilute the Conservative vote. The ignorant and poor are totally dependent on the Communists and the handouts they provide.

If you support keeping manufacturing in America it’s more important that you keep government’s sticky fingers out of employer’s pockets. Until then there’s no reason to make anything in America. Until then, why should you pay more for a second rate product? When your government becomes punitive it's time for a revolution or flight anywhere you can find freedom and liberty.

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