Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Where is Murder Victim, Ronni Chasen’s Latest Will?

Beverly Hill, CA—When Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen was gunned down in her car last month police had a mystery on their hands. The sad truth is that these days with all our technology and tools there is not more that a 35% chance that this or any other murder will be solved.

To get to the bottom of this investigation we have to speculate whether this was, or was not a random crime.

There is at least one woman e-mailing and making comments on my site suggesting that there was a similar random gun assault where she was the victim. There is no such reported attack and I refuse to buy into this diversion.

Crimes like the Chasen murder are almost never random. There is a motive that led to this killing. Greed, jealousy, revenge, hatred are common in every murder since Cain killed Able.

This is no carjacking since Chasen was safely locked in her car. No carjacker wants to take a car with a shot out passenger window and a dead or gravely wounded driver strapped in a seatbelt behind the wheel. Carjackings always happen at the driver’s door that is usually already open.

The suggestion of road rage is also baloney since those events usually happen in areas where traffic is heavy and drivers are frustrated. Gang warfare is also attributed as road rage events when in fact those were premeditated attacks.

Frankly even very disturbed people drive on our streets and never use their car or any other weapon to kill and maim people except in very rare circumstances.

So far only a 1994 Will has surfaced and the suggestion of a more recent will is very unlikely. Unlikely, simply because people of means use probate lawyers to draft such instruments and they have their staff sign as witnesses. Somebody with knowledge of such a document would have stepped forward. The cops would have been making contacts with every lawyer Chasen ever used looking for any information that would indicate a conflicts, insurance policies or wills from day one.

If they have not found an updated will or witness to one actually being made by now, there is no new will.

I am back to looking at all of Chasen’s relationships with enemies, friends, acquaintances and relatives. Perhaps the killer is a boyfriend of somebody who wanted Chasen dead.

Somewhere inside the circle of those close to Chasen is the answer. This was not a random crime.

I also think by now the Beverly Hills police homicide detectives have zeroed in on a potential suspect and are gathering the evidence they need to make their case.

I remain convinced this murder will be solved.


R Vidas said...

If this was a an actual "hit" then it will never be solved. The purpose of paying for a hit is to ensure that something is taken care of and that it can't be traced back to anyone. Thats why its called a professional hit.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

A hit requires a criminal conspiracy of two or more persons. Each person added to the number of those added to the conspiracy increases the chances of the cover-up failing. Two players double the chances, three triples and so forth.

Someone is always the weak link and sometimes the weak link gets murdered too so she or he can’t snitch. Someone will be doing the Perpwalk on this one.

Anonymous said...

I am hearing that the police have changed their story and are now saying that Harold Smith is the hit man, as it is the same gun. If this is the latest "evidence" or "theory" then

the question will be - was Harold Smith really employed as a hit man, or was this in fact a random act of attempted robbery and murder by Harold Smith. And if so - then murder solved, and if not then murder not solved.

Anonymous said...

The problem in this case is that the weak link is applicable although not in a conspiracy sense which means necessarily with others -

because the weak link, Harold Smith murdered himself which seems to cancel out conspiracy at least in his murdering himself, because he ended his own snitching on himself. Harold was acting a bit like a one man band when he self-destructed to end his life which then ended his own snitching on himself.

Harold it seems was not acting in a conspiracy with others but acted alone with his gun, his bicycle and his own blabbermouth. Harold obviously was his own worst enemy...

But the man with a weak link Harold Smith - in the end it seems, also became Ronni Chasen's own worst enemy when he shot her while riding his bicycle in Beverley Hills...