Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Second and Greater American Depression is Upon Us

We all know too many out of work folks now for sure. Especially hard hit are those at or approaching middle age. These are the very same people that just in the last few years had promising jobs and put their savings into beautiful homes that they have lost or are losing.

Americans can’t afford to keep their children in college or spend money their neighborhood businesses need to keep their doors open. Resumes are everywhere but jobs have dried up.

Lots of foolish People with jobs are still spending with the blind faith that somehow things will be better soon. They can’t or won’t face the inevitable reality of the financial collapse of the free world.

Law firms everywhere are seeing their clients retainers evaporate and but for debtor’s lawyers the legal industry is getting to the breaking point. Criminal law is slowing down because financial resources are drying up and cases are quietly not being prosecuted.

People are getting desperate as their worlds and businesses are crashing under the strain. It is just a matter of time before the shanty towns and soup kitchens are everywhere.

This depression has been carefully engineered from the beginning to destroy the free market and economy of America and any country that allows free enterprise.

I subscribe to the fact that what’s past is prologue. When nations are under these dire straits we have holocausts perpetrated by government. Soon it will all be about seizing private property as the spoils and eliminating consumers that compete for food, medical care, shelter and fuel. The target will be the middle class.

The days of wealth distribution are here and it will be a lot of things but equitable won’t be one of them. Might, will make right. This depression will be more violent and prolonged than we can imagine.

People will die from starvation and a lack of common medications needed to treat diabetes, high blood pressure and routine infections. I fear that soon we will smell the stench of the bodies of our neighbors and loved ones burning in landfills. Only the strong will survive.

One day things will calm down and cities will be rebuilt as the winners of this conflict will write the history books. What form of government survives, remains to be seen.

Okay, I want someone, anyone to tell me why I’m wrong and everything will be just fine. I base my sad prediction on the reality of the past. I want to be so wrong about this.


Anonymous said...

Those MRSA infections will indeed take out many quickly. I've got lots of wildlife in the nearby mountains, large jacuzzi filled with rain water. The problem will be the jack boots making their way through the communities moving people to the slave labor camps. Neighbors have wells, dozens of sheep and other live stock...but, again. The damn troops coming through will be hard to deal with.

Anonymous said...

As the currency and economy collapse, looting and ethnic fighting will break out. The police will be hard pressed to react. The police will be trying to defend their own families when not fighting ethnically among their own ranks. It's gonna be real ugly.

Phil Schitz here said...

You write the truth. The controlled media doesn't.

Anonymous said...

The police will be hard pressed to react. The police will be trying to defend their own families when not fighting ethnically among their own ranks. It's gonna be real ugly.

December 16, 2010 8:23 PM

Like during Katrina?

Anonymous said...

The fact that America is quickly slipping into an inflationary depression is something the news media refuses to cover, except for small publications like the American Free Press, and websites such as your own, plus and Food is already at about 20% inflation will soon explode to 30%, then, 40%, then God knows how high ... many Americans will go hungry and starve. Many will commit crimes just to survive. Yes, this whole collapse is by design, by the international bankers who hate American ideals... the current bankers' older, now dead predecessors (J.P. Morgan, old man Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, etc), foisted the Federal Reserve scam on us in 1913, with the intent to rob us of our wealth, then totally take away all of our freedoms. The best book on the topic is "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. The best DVD is "America: From Freedom to Fascism" a film by the late great Aaron Russo. If you have money to burn buy freeze-dried food, store water, buy guns, cases of ammo, a small place away from the city, and if still have extra $$$, buy silver bullion coins...silver is currently $29 an ounce and will soon explode to over $100 ... it has already increased by 72% in the last ONE YEAR alone ... better return than your deferred comp, eh? America WILL rebuild after everything collapses, but cannot occur until we throw the bankers out, and get rid of EVERY politician who is a whore of the bankers ... which about 99% of politicians are (an exception is Rep. Ron Paul from Texas). On the bright side, after the collapse and reconstruction is over, America will be better and stronger than ever, because the people will have finally recognized that they can never again keep so busy with their personal lives that they ignore the politicians and let these traitors do whatever they want to our country.

Anonymous said...

there is a Great Tribulation approaching fast, as attested to in the Bible. Still the godless ones continue to tell us all is O.K; and that things are slowly improving, when in fact, things are rapidly deteriorating. I pray that our own American Troops don't turn on the Citizens of the U.S.A. The souls of millions of aborted babies are part of the reason for the Tribulation.. The purveyors of Abortion, [the Communist/Democrat Party and their backers] will be the first to feel the wrath of God.