Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The TSA Tyranny Trial Balloon, an Obama Administration Test

Washington, DC-- The sudden and shocking use of naked pornoscanners and incredibly offensive genital groping of American men women and children at airports is just a test. This has nothing to do with anti-terrorism and everything to do with incremental efforts to establish absolute power.

The TSA controversy has oddly become a loyalty test. Those Americans that favor Barack Obama are generally okay with the new program. The Conservatives and Libertarians on the other hand are preparing for Civil War. It all boils down to the suspension of the Bill of Rights by a rogue President.

You can be sure there are plans to take the pornoscanners to American streets to enforce United Nations Global Gun Control that Obama and his cronies have openly favored.

Obama has control of the Internet and will be soon shutting down loud voices or resistance like Alex Jones and

As the voices of resistance are shut down, brave Americans will have no choice but to use the same tactics that enabled the Bill of Rights as the law of the land. I hope I’m being very clear. Freedom and liberty have never been simply handed out by governments to their people. Freedom cannot be maintained without the use of extreme violence against those taking it away.

Our government has destroyed the free market through the outrageous bailouts. Our economy has been destroyed by government forcing financial institution to make loans to people that can’t or won’t pay them back.

Our government has become a bloated monster that eats its children in order to survive.

Millions of Americans have become entitlement addicted as unemployment benefits have been extended to two full years. Why bother to get off the couch and work since job hunting is too difficult anyway?

State and local governments can’t possibly continue pay for the pensions, criminal justice system and correctional facilities.

When faced with impending doom human beings simply smile and go into denial. A look at history makes it only too clear we are headed for very dark times, of Civil War, anarchy and holocaust.

The Obama Administration is creating the perfect storm or crisis to justify declaring martial Law. We can only hope enough cops and military people will courageously resist orders to wage war on Americans. Americans can either take up arms or line up for the concentration camps.

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In And Around Garfield Ridge said...

Very good post. As a Chicago Police Wife, I feel very nervous about these times. We are forced to do more and receive less and less. However those on public assistance have not really felt the belt tightening. None that I know anyway. Milk could be dollars and it does not matter because they have the link card. I agree with your article, there has to be something more than just the airport scanners. I believe we are on borrowed time for life as we know it.