Sunday, June 11, 2023

Was the UNABOM Killer, Ted Kaczynski a Psychic? He’s dead at 81.

Evanston, IL—It began here and I suspect Ted Kaczynski figured out what was going on well before1978 when his first two bombs exploded in the month of May.  

The bombs injured a Northwestern University campus cop and later a grad student. This was the beginning of a two decade long terrorism investigation involving numerous bombings from coast to coast. 

The certified genius and Harvard grad, must have been a psychic because he knew what to expect from developing technology.  He somehow knew that technology be would be weaponized and abused by rogue governments unleashing a massive Shit Show on all of us.  

Did he also predict the weaponization of the coronavirus that was unleashed upon us by China?  We still must wonder if our own government was involved in that depopulation effort.  

The deception and bad acts by the political Left has killed millions. The only people that got real immunization were the criminals pumping out ineffective vaccines at warp speed for staggering profits.  It looks to me, like a massive, Snake Oil scam to say the least. 

Everything Kaczynski predicted in his manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future has so far come true!  Whistle blowers, Julian Assange,  Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning revealed just how our own government’s abuse of technology and unlawful spying programs invaded the privacy of every man, woman and child in America.  Not only has nothing changed by these revelations, it’s actually gotten worse. The only ones punished to date were the whistle blowers!

Kaczynski was absolutely desperate to get his “conspiracy theory” out to the general public. He wanted controls put on the  research and development of what he felt was a very dangerous race to technology.  As smart as Kaczynski was, the best plan he could come up with would be to target and bomb those who he felt had culpability.

The FBI painstakingly re-created every bomb that they believe Kaczynski assembled. I personally examined these clever duplications and actually shot video of them.  

I was transfixed on this case as an investigative TV news producer.  Suddenly, I got a call from the late producer, John Siceloff of ABC World News Tonight on April 6, 1996.  John assigned me to do whatever I could to shed light on Kaczynski and his arrest.   

This was all unfolding on the small town of, Lincoln, Montana. ABC News Reporter, Bill Redeker, and his photographer were racing to Lincoln to cover the story. I had to act fast.  Calling the local sheriff and the FBI was futile since no information was forthcoming and a long line of worldwide media were already  assembled at the doors of those agencies.  

I knew what to do! I opened up a database of the 200 or so  listed phones in Lincoln, Montana.  At the top of the alphabetical list was, AAA towing. My police experience paid off handsomely because I knew the tow truck outfits all have police scanners, and they work closely with police to tow the vehicles of people arrested, or for other purposes.  I made the call as I mistakenly thought that they would have towed any car belonging to Kaczynski.

For starters, when they answered the phone, I could hear the police scanners blaring in the background!  I talked to a rather accommodating fellow and asked if they towed  Kaczynski’s car.  The man laughed at me informing me that Kaczynski only had a bicycle.  He told me he could see it chained to his mailbox if he stepped out to the front of his shop. He informed me that Kaczynski actually lived in a tiny shack, smelled bad and was a very peculiar guy.

I asked the tow truck guy if he knew him and he said only slightly.  He told me he preferred not to talk to Kaczynski because of his poor hygiene.  However, what he told me next was purely golden!  He told me that Kaczynski was very close to the local librarian, and the lady that ran the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  Kaczynski went to the library everyday! I thanked my source profusely and put in a quick call to Bill Redeker!

It was already 3:30 PM and I immediately told Bill to quickly sneak over to the library and interview, that librarian! Then he should race to the chamber of commerce to capture the words of the lady running that outfit.  As a result redeker obtained two amazing and exclusive, interviews! That left every other news  organization empty handed and out in the cold for a full 24 hours! 

Recently, I wanted to pull another coup by interviewing Kaczynski again myself.  He was all but forgotten serving four life sentences at the Supermax prison in Colorado.

I checked only to find out Kaczynski was transferred to a medium security medical facility in Butner, NC!  At 81, he was in seriously declining health and getting a meaningful interview now would be difficult to say the least. 

We just received the news that Kaczynski was found unresponsive and his cell. They transported him to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The Charlotte Observer, reported an anonymous source claimed that he died by suicide.  

It is routine practice everywhere, that when prisoners die, that they receive a full autopsies, and toxicology screens.  I’m going to wait for the local medical examiner to report his findings.  

It’s now time to reread and carefully examine that UNABOM manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future.  

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