Saturday, June 10, 2023

Carrying a concealed weapon and the Necessity Defense.

Los Angeles, CA—it’s a crime here for an otherwise law abiding citizen to carry an exposed or concealed or loaded firearm in public places.  Does that violate the Second Amendment? Of course it does, but the well protected Democrat politicians of the not so golden state absolutely don’t care.

The same California politicians released over 100,000 inmates from the prisons and eliminated cash bail for most of those arrested.  Cruel crimes have skyrocketed, the current crime trends involve the thugs working in teams and they’re armed with semi-automatic firearms or worse.  When you see newsreel footage of crime scenes on TV, you see empty shell casings everywhere.   

That sets off reasonable fear and now we must take precautions.  Using Pepper spray as a defense will definitely get you killed.  To have even a minimal chance of survival you need solid training and a suitable handgun with sufficient magazine capacity to defeat even multiple attackers. What that means is that your personal safety absolutely trumps the desires of your politicians.

They set up a gun permit system that’s substantially inconsistent with the June, 2022, United States Supreme Court decision in, New York State, rifle and pistol association Vs. Bruen.  The program is incredibly slow, there are extortionate fees attached, your privacy is invaded and investigators will inform your immediate neighbors. It’s a deal breaker we need never tolerate.  Non-residents don’t qualify at all. 

Your salvation is the, Necessity Defense.  Yes, that’s real.  Will the judges appointed by the same lame politicians recognize and accept that defense? You won’t know until you are in front of these guys charged with a crime.  

There are other factors involved such as sex, size, age, incapacitation or simple disparity of force.  Fear and our basic survival instincts are God given gifts that is our real law. Despite our politicians demands, vulnerable people also deserve a fighting chance to survive.  That means that necessity should always rule.  Lawyers seem to forget this defense.  

Of course the justified self-defense use of even a banned weapon is always lawful.  While our courts and politicians battle out the very broad Bruen decision, I say avoid conflict and skip the permit process.  

Rely on the Fourth Amendment that protects you from unreasonable search and seizure by police. Discreetly carry a firearm and if you need it by all means employ it to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Afterwords, when the police come, you tell them four simple words, “I want a lawyer“ and keep your mouth shut.  Dont let your need to establish your justification or innocence cause you to say anything at all. Save that crap for the courtroom should you be later charged with a crime. 

Never forget rule number one, avoid conflict at all cost.  Rule two is keep your middle finger and your temper in your pocket. 

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