Saturday, June 03, 2023

Suicide By Cop is Always Encouraged By Media

Any Large US City—it happens time and time again.  Some troubled soul that’s been ignored by mental health authorities wants to die.  

One common problem is that this fellow’s  life has been a meaningless failure.  If he’s killed by police in a spectacular newsworthy event, his life will suddenly have meaning. People will hopefully remember him!

So our man on a mission of suicide obtains either a fake or real gun.  Killing himself wont get any notice or publicity so that’s not an option.  

Instead our boy threatens the cops and to make matters even worse, he changes his mind in the very last second suddenly turning his back on police.  However it’s too late the cops fearing their own deaths have already pulled the triggers.  Our troubled lad’s reflexes are faster than the cop’s and you guessed it, they unintentionally shot him in the back!

In an instant the media along with the usual race baiting, ambulance chasing lawyers gather.  They’re all together at a hasty press conference with the grieving and angry family demanding “Justice” for the the “Murder” of this self-snuffing lad. 

They paint a picture of a happy fellow making excuses for his sudden bad behavior.  That, as they suggest that the found gun was planted by police.  

However police bodycams most often put an end to those despicable allegations.  Sometimes the cops deliberately sit on the videos allowing the troublemakers the opportunity to make even bigger fools of themselves before releasing them. 

Soon, the legal claims are made and rather than try these cases in court bleeding hearts on the city councils can’t wait to write huge checks to the family members. I’m also convinced that the family lawyers give healthy kickbacks to the helpful council members along the way.  

In Chicago these ridiculously large legal cash settlements are considered Ghetto Lottery winnings. 

These incidents get way too much publicity and accordingly invite more copycat suicides by cop. The Ghetto Lottery grows with each suicide. 

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