Monday, December 06, 2021

Crimewave in Los Angeles and every major city run by Democrats

Los Angeles, CA:  Since the political Left was hellbent on freeing over 100,000 felons from California's prisons alone Americans have never been in more danger.  Major crimes in Southern California are nearing double the rate as before.  Instead of single criminals they have been running in packs of between two and 40 thugs with many armed.  

This is happening while the same politicians propose more gun bans.  The ban of firearm magazines holding more that 10 rounds may not be a bother with one dangerous criminal but the rising popularity of the rats running in packs makes the prohibition absolutely unreasonable. 

Most carjackings involve two thugs at a minimum.  The tactics of the criminals have changed.  So must ours to defeat this deadly threat.  

While we wait for the Supreme Court to re-legalize the bearing of firearms we have little choice but to ignore the prohibitions.  We still have the Fourth Amendment(though it be in tatters) to protect us from unreasonable searches.  

We also have the Fifth Amendment that allows us to say nothing to police after we use deadly force to protect ourselves and loved ones.  That's really helpful until you waive that right and blab like an utter fool. 

I'm showing you a street robbery in the fashionable Melrose District of L.A.  Three armed offenders (one is driving the getaway car) attempt to rob a man and two women in broad daylight with cameras everywhere. 

The tactic I might employ in such a situation is to immediately throw my wallet on the ground several feet from the thugs.  When they are distracted I'd simply open fire on them without warning. Warnings are great for TV shows but not necessary to stop armed criminals in commission of their foul deeds. 

Enjoy my video report: 

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