Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sitting in Jail for Doing a Public Service Really Sucks!



You’re happy that the horrible Orange Man, was defeated and deposed to the political scrap heap.  You watched your favorite politicians ridicule and openly show their vile hatred for this mean tweeting, has been.  Most of all you believe that the China-Virus crisis was somehow mishandled by that arrogant pussy grabber with the funny blond hair.

Now you’ve really been vindicated, facilitated, enabled and finally empowered to help those politicians you love the most.  Especially your most popular and legitimate (incontinent)President in history.  


Every news organization you watch has redundantly told you that the wearing of cloth masks, vaccinations and abject social deprivation will make the pandemic go away.  So now you feel the need to report to duty as the MASK POLICE!  


That’s right you’ve been appointed to enforce the mandates your favorite politicians have dictated!  You now have the power to tell all those mask scofflaws to mask up!  The law is now on your side and your handy cellphone is ready to speed dial 911.  You know the cops will come to your aid with lights and sirens blazing away. You are now the hero that’s on the side of right out saving the world! 


The sad reality is you’ve only become a useful idiot for the forces of Dr. Fauci and his Chinese Communist friends that unleashed this weaponized and rapidly mutating virus on the world. The TV news propaganda has turned you into a delusional fool.  


The reality is street cops are overwhelmingly, political conservatives that hate the mask mandates more than anyone.  The cops will look for any excuse to put you in handcuffs, if you’re lucky.  If you’re unlucky you’ll approach some dangerous parolee, and he will simply send you off to the hospital or even the local morgue.  


The truth is most people have reached their mask wearing saturation point long ago and simply do what they please, including myself.


I have asked every physician that I know which is nearly a dozen the same question, “Is there really a scientific basis for the masks?”  They, to a one, look away from me and say some think they work”.


They all immediately disavow the silly cloth masks as useless.   They readily admit they are forced to wear them by the hospital administrators. Some have said that those expensive respirators do however show some promise. 


The only truth to this entire pandemic is that the large pharmaceutical companies have made ungodly profits with vaccines developed at “warp speed” that apparently don’t work.  That, and the politicians pushing all the mandates are furiously printing and spending money that’s backed with nothing.  

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