Saturday, December 29, 2018

Chris Burrous Left Big Shoes To Fill at KTLA-TV

Los Angeles, CA--While TV news is dying nearly everywhere, the late KTLA-TV weekend morning anchor, Chris Burrous found better ways to reach the audience. 

What made Burrous rock was his fearless attitude about broadcasting his way, always departing from the routine.  He was a TV Maverick that truly knew how to have fun.  

Burrous has proven his news reporting chops on so many high profile stories.  But there was always so much more for him to deliver to the audience! 

Rather than accept reality that few newsworthy things happen on the weekend, he used exceptional creativity to fill a five-hour show! 

Burrous often, brought the normally unseen weekend KTLA production crew into the studio.  

Burrous encouraged everyone connected to the show to simply relax and show his or her human side.  

There was much more on display than sterile anchors and a plastic studio set to see.  Burrous gave viewers real warmth as he made his own vulnerabilities acceptable! 

With Burrous there was real interaction with viewers as he merged their, e-mails, photos, tweets and fun into the broadcasts.  

Burrous really deserves a posthumous star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Broadcasters that try to copy Burrous will fail.  They should take a cue from him and many of the successful Internet vloggers that simply refuse to follow the very stale TV template of Murrow and Cronkite.  They need to create their own brands.

Let me say that the rest of the weekend morning show talent has likewise always delivered their fair share to the show.  

The void of Burrous leaves KTLA  is huge.  However, the show must go on!  

I expect great things from KTLA-TV News Director, Jason Ball.  Please let the unpredictable adventure continue. 

I always say, being number one is never enough.  

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