Friday, December 28, 2018

Apparent Drug Overdose Fells Popular and Talented Los Angeles KTLA-TV News Anchor.

Chris Burrous, 43
Glendale, CA—Yesterday afternoon fire and police officials responded to the Days Inn Motel here after being called.  Reportedly KTLA-TV newsman, Chris Burrous, 43 was found un-responsive in a room there.  He was present in the room with a currently unidentified man that supposedly had unsuccessfully performed CPR on Burrous. 

Glendale Police and the LA County Medical Examiner are investigating this death as a potential accidental overdose.  It will take perhaps several weeks to obtain the results of toxicological tests that will identify any drugs involved.  

This death has shattered KTLA-TV, their workers and viewers to the very core. All are mourning the loss of a very unique and bright TV personality of this or any market.

Is this yet another tragic example of the Opioid Crisis?  Who supplied the drugs and how will this shake out in the Criminal Justice System?  

Will we learn the name and history of Burrous’ afternoon rendezvous and motel male roommate?  

Burrous leaves behind a beautiful wife and pre-teen daughter. They will have to deal with the shame involved with the apparent illicit conduct of a husband and father.  Los Angeles society has managed to somehow legitimize Gay sex and drug abuse so that stigma will be reduced.

Undoubtedly his family may also suffer financially over their loss.  I, for one want to morn the loss of his very likable public persona rather than his failings.  

The lesson here is, that his family, co-workers and television viewers really loved this fellow.  He let them all down and lost his charmed life apparently due to bad choices.  

Using drugs properly prescribed by physician caries a genuine risk. Ingesting or injecting drugs from criminal sources always invites poverty, pain and death. 

Recreational drug abuse now kills more people that both automobile accidents and gun related deaths combined. 

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