Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Woody Allen Move Over, an 800 Pound, Bright Blue Gorilla is Here!

Michael Glover, Robyn Rosenkrantz, Paul Huebl and Gregor Marvel
Berlin, Germany—I had the absolute pleasure to sit down with two expatriate Americans living in this great city.  Musicians and filmmakers Michael Glover and Robyn Rosenkrantz sold everything they owned but their musical instruments and the clothes on their backs taking the very bold step of moving to Europe. 
They’ve been making films with their own production company Bright Blue Gorilla.  I first met them through their European friends after getting invited to a Hollywood Screening of their farce film, Go With Le Flo.  It was a real Blue Carpet Event where I was handed a banana as I walked in the door.
The Film was terrific and the reception after was filled with cast members that flew in for the event.  It made for a delightful evening. 
I knew it was just a matter of time and I’d be visiting with them and another Berlin pal, Gregor Marvel that was in that film.
Imagine making a film in another country with several actors and crew members that have limited English skills.  A great director knows how to get the most out of actors and doing that with the accompanied communications challenges can be daunting. The Bright Blue Gorilla team has delivered in spades.
Thankfully far less expensive but sophisticated filmmaking equipment has become obtainable to these talented kids enabling their filmmaking visions.  In return they take the audience away from their own difficulties and entertain, delight and thrill them with their movies.
Internet Crowd-Funding has been a necessary part of their films and it’s been paying off for everyone.  Right now they are involved in yet another project,  Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee. I just know it will be another fun film to watch.
I have to ask what’s next for the Bright Blue Gorilla?  Will he come to the USA and make films here too?  If the monster talent agencies (like CAA) spies ever get wind of the Gorilla they will quickly sign him up and he may just bring his parents back to L.A.

I heard there maybe a surprise announcement regarding, Go With Le Flo next month!  I wonder just what that may be? 

Here is a trailer for GO WITH LE FLO!

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Pamela Rasada said...

Love me some BBG. The simplicity of their message, "stay calm and share your bananas" says it all. Super excited to see their next film.