Saturday, December 26, 2015

Using Drones in Governmental and Private Security Applications is Safe, Effective and Economical

Santa Barbara, CA--Private Security is really more about deterrence, and loss prevention.  Bringing in drones is a perfect application for security contractors to rid their clients of burglars, sex offenders and vandals. 

Of course homeowners associations can create their own in house program but it's generally not needed.  However there are times when criminals show up in soft target communities then it's time to call in a qualified security contractor with drones.  

Wether it's a burglary or vandalism problem drones operated and flying at less than 300 feet can can easily observe and record the deeds.  Ground security and police can be quickly alerted to handle enforcement activities.

Drones are excellent for all industrial security applications.  They can be sent up as needed to examine areas or for responding to various alarms and such. 

Drones have been used to smuggle contraband into correctional facilities.  Actually those kinds of facilities could greatly benefit from using the drone technology to watch their own facilities augmenting ground patrols.  

FLIR thermal imaging and drones go really well together making night operations incredibly effective.  

Any professional guard agency can easily add drone patrol to their list of services. 

The only real question is when the FAA will stop standing in the way of progress and public safety?  Despite the existence of three million drones in unlicensed hands there's not been a single fatality, serious injury or notable property damage anywhere yet the FAA has engaged in massive restraint of trade and prior restraint style enforcement activities. 

The FAA seems to be in far greater need of control than America's drone operators. 

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