Saturday, October 18, 2014

Treason and Murder Disguised as Incompetence, The Ebola Crisis

Ebola is not a real threat, just ask these medical professionals!  
Washington, DC—The Obama Administration and their Kool-Aid drinking followers are setting us up for total disaster.
As the official political line telling us that Ebola is not easily spread.  They claim that only intimate contact can lead to infection.  This, as two American nurses treating an Ebola victim were infected and are now fighting for their lives. 
The medical professionals all know better than to contradict The Obama Administration and their bureaucrats.  They know they will be accused of fear mongering and punished severely. 
The haz-mat suiting up of our medical community speaks volumes since it’s really unprecedented in our history.  They never before felt the need to take these kinds of precautions for Smallpox, AIDS or any other disease! 
We have successfully fought numerous contagious diseases through sanitation, immunizations, and quarantines for a very long time.  That works, political correctness does not. 
The Obama Administration is now intentionally importing Ebola to the United States.  They must stop all air travel between West Africans and the USA.  To do anything else is murder, pure and simple. This may seem difficult but we only need this kind of remedy until the current epidemic is under control.
Obama and his minions are deliberately placing our airline flight crews and military members along with their families in incredible risk.  We are next!
Look at the picture above as you drink your Obama Kool-Aid and ask yourself if political loyalty to this Communist despot is really worth dying over. Think about your children.
Ask yourself if Obama wants America infected and under martial law to complete his promise to fundamentally change America?
Incompetence or treason? 


Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

Dear Komrade Huebl,

The beatings shall continue until morale improves.

The Komissar.

Unknown said...

Incompetence or treason? BOTH!