Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola Lies and Damn Lies!

Washington, DC—The Obama Administration has become shamelessly notorious as the most secret in American history.
When Obama’s minions are not hiding information they are lying to the public about absolutely everything.  Whether it’s Obamacare, Running guns to Mexican murderers, IRS political revenge, Immigration enforcement obstruction or the Benghazi cover-up just to name a few, all we get are lies.
Generally every government has integrity issues however The Obama Administration has a perfect record of zero credibility.  The six primary American America media organizations controlling 85% of news content have actually become the official Obama propaganda machine.
Ebola is not new; it’s been around for decades with occasional epidemics that then seem to subside.  Ebola is a prolific killer for sure claiming 70% of those infected. 
We need to recognize that the people of West Africa are primitive, live in filthy conditions and routinely consume unsanitary water.  As a result hey have all kinds of acquired immunity Americans don’t have. 
Americans live in much cleaner conditions and are far more susceptible to foreign diseases as a result.  The unanswered question is how would Americans fair in an Ebola epidemic?   We may be finding out as the Obama Administration errors only on the side of political correctness.  
Now with three confirmed cases, we have Ebola inside our nation.  Initially the official line was that this disease could not be casually spread.   They compared Ebola transmission similar to that of AIDS.  This is apparently a view through rose colored glass. 
However that obvious lie has been laid bare, after an African Ebola victim easily infected two of our nurses.  
I’m not a physician but I was a Medical Corpsman during my mandatory military service.  Part of that involved specific training in controlling and treating communicable diseases. 
There was a time when government health officials would only error on the side of public safety.  Not anymore!
Today we know that someone that should have never been allowed to enter the United States has subsequently infected two medical professionals.
That eviscerates our government’s rosy assertions to the American people.  If there is a defense, it’s in the argument of preventing panic.  The panic here would simply result in demands on government.
However the most serious is our government’s allowing West African people to enter our borders at the worst possible time.  This appears to me on its face, to be a treasonous attack designed to weaken this nation.
We stamped out Smallpox, Tuberculosis and many other deadly diseases in America.  Now with no border security we are all at real risk once again!  
Political correctness has replaced commonsense in dealing with this deadly emergency.  Obama is gambling with our very lives as a Lame Duck politician that has nothing to lose!
We beat diseases through traditional screening, treatment, immunizations and quarantine.  Political correctness has absolutely no place in medical decisions. 
Once health professionals can get a handle on Ebola in Africa and learn enough about it easing travel restrictions and quarantines would be reasonable. 
Why are we are forcing or military members and  flight crews to expose themselves to Africa's deadly communicable diseases? 
Why are we granting over 100 visas a day to West African citizens, putting them on our planes to the USA?  You can’t justify that really flawed public policy. 
If we are to survive we must run the Obama Administration and all of their disciples out of our government by any means necessary.  We have little choice now. 


algiz said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

It is as plain and clear as a wart on a prom queen's face to those who will see that the Masters wish to reduce the slave population by millions of useless eaters. That means us. The baby boomers are coming of age to draw social security and the Masters want to keep that cash in their vaults...therefore the baby boomers and their children must be destroyed. There are too many people and ebola will solve that problem!