Friday, March 07, 2014

YouTube, a Showcase for Stephanie Carrie’s Talent!

Stephanie Carrie will make you laugh for sure!
Los Angeles, CA—Most of my visitors know that among other things I’m an actor too. 
I met Stephanie Carrie when I attended Tom Todoroff’s Acting Studio here and made some other life long friends along the way.  Nearly every one of Tom’s students has some kind of TV or film credits but making the coveted A list is really tough.  
We've all learned that even the best talent does not translate to fortune and fame.  It’s more about having a very effective agent.  It also boils down to the agent selecting the you as their talent and not then other way around. 
Carrie is an actress, singer, writer and comedian.  Like everyone she struggled and paid her dues.  She also recently started a web series.  
Carrie has a YouTube channel and put something up yesterday that caught my eye. 
It’s a satirical parody of the crisis in the Ukraine and that thin-skinned Russian fellow, Vladimir Putin.  Carrie has obviously payed attention and also just happens to fluently speak Russian.  I just hope that she does not wind up in the Gulag like some members of Pussy Riot over this offering.
I hope Lorne Michaels of SNL spots Carrie and put her in his lineup where she belongs! 
Sit back and enjoy, Let It Go, Putin!

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Anonymous said...

Paul this lady is very funny and has a great voice. Thanks for sharing that!