Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Huge Thank You to All of my Friends from Germany!

Aschaffenburg, Germany—When I was required to serve in the U.S. Army I had the good fortune of serving as a medical corpsman in this lovely town some 30 kilometers South of Frankfurt.
I landed here in December of 1968 somehow escaping a combat assignment in Viet Nam.   I arrived in Germany just 24 years after World War II ended.  Technically I was still part of an occupation army.  Thankfully the deep wounds of war here healing and a real friendship was developing between Germans and Americans. 
This was amazing since Aschaffenburg was the scene of the most aggressive and deadly resistance once the war ended.   Thankfully my predecessors were mush better behaved than the Russian military swine that raped the women and children of Berlin while looting their last few possessions. 
The German people showed me kindness as they welcomed me into their nation, homes and hearts.  Learning about the customs, food and rich culture was a real treat for me.  Learning the language seemed incredibly easy for me but my motivation for that was more about my overactive libido.  There were exceptionally beautiful young women everywhere and fluency in conversation was a big plus in that regard. 
The 18 months I spent in Germany were the best of my entire life.  I only regret returning to Chicago to live.  It would have been better I only visited the USA as an expatriate from time to time. 
I was ignorant of the wonderful educational opportunities that I would have had in Germany.  Back then getting student or worker status would have been a snap.  I did not miss the Army but I really missed Germany. 
My excellent German language proficiency deteriorated because of lack of conversation and I got on with my life as an American.  There were always the doubts that returning the right thing for my future and me.  Hindsight is always so much better and I now see I made the wrong choice.
It was not all bad and I’ve been back several times but now every time I visit I want to stay.  I may yet find a way to visit there more often perhaps working on various film projects and such. 
In more recent years I have met new friends from Germany living, visiting or working in the U.S.  Many are in the film industry.  I cherish these folks too because the have the same elegance and kindness I remember so well.  
To my many wonderful German friends both here in the USA and Germany, I say thank you.  My life is much richer because of you.


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Anonymous said...

Great post. Like you, I served my time in the Army stationed in Frankfurt, West Germany. Had a great time as well and really developed a taste for the bratwurst mit pommes fritas and the local bratwurst stand. Unfortunately my brain wouldn't allow me to pick up the German language like you did. One of the guys in my company from New Jersey was speaking fluent German in a matter of a few months. I regret not finding a nice German wife and bringing her back. The German women were so elegant and different from those "back in the world". I have yet to go back but plan to one day.