Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Most Gun Permit and Registration Laws are Unconstitutional

CT Gov. Dannel Malloy signs new gun ban and registration law
Los Angeles, CA—In the not so golden state of California politicians never met a gun ban, restriction or tax they did not absolutely love.
Aside from the guarantee of the Second Amendment politicians here and in the other Leftist run jurisdictions of this once great nation regularly trample on the rights of citizens.
Permits and registration requirements all come with serious legal baggage.  First and foremost gun permits and registration come with special tax assessments or fees. 
The cost of fingerprint screening and administrative matters are forced on every gun owner.  Second is that gun owners are forced to surrender their privacy by answering personal questions on the gun permit and registration application documents.
In many states the gun registration and permit records are considered public and the media often publishes some of these records.  Newspapers have even gone so far as to map out the homes of gun owners in an effort to humiliate and shame them!  Home invaders and burglars were provided with a wealth of personal information endangering those entire communities!
The fact is gun registration is in no way an effective crime-fighting tool.  Convicted felons and mental patients have long been absolutely exempt from obtaining permits or gun registration laws on self-incrimination grounds. 
Guns are never left at crime scenes unless the offenders are killed, incapacitated or arrested at the crime scene.  Accordingly tracing gun ownership does absolutely nothing to solve crimes. 
Gun registration does nothing at all to deter crime or improve anyone’s behavior.   Gun registration’s real purpose is to unlawfully tax gun owners and to provide government with a database of targets for later gun confiscation tyranny.
By imposing special any fees and taxes on gun owners they are forced to purchase a Constitutional right.  That right then becomes reduced to a privilege granted only to those who can afford to pay for it. 
The now outlawed Poll Taxes of the Deep South are the best example of the rationale demonstrating why gun permit and registration fees are also unconstitutional. 
Forcing special taxes and fees on gun owners violates their rights to due process under the Fifth Amendment by imposing a fine.  The gun owners were never charged, tried or convicted but are in effect punished with a fine.  
The fees too often victimize the poor when they can’t afford them; they are denied their rights under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.  Should any American be forced to choose between food, shelter or the need for self-defense?  Simple survival depends on all three.  
The state of Connecticut’s politicians have put their population in a dangerous crisis with a new registration law.  They required owners of certain rifles and ammunition magazines to register them.  So far over 100,000 have openly defied the law risking felony arrests.
Over 250 CT state police officers risked their job by signing a document that proclaims they won’t participate in enforcement activities under the new law.  You can be sure that hundreds of other officers have similar mindset did not have the courage to sign that very public document.
What it boils down to is that any officers foolish enough to enforce the new law will not have needed backup and their lives will be at risk. 
This is a crisis that undermines basic respect for law.  It’s a slippery slope that leads to chaos and even insurrection. 
The politicians in CT need to revisit their new registration law and learn about pragmatism.  They must ask themselves honestly, what are the benefits if any of their registration goals? 

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Anonymous said...

The unconstitutional CT gun bans came about after the outrage of the Sandy Hook event. That event is now being proven to have been a production deserving of Hollywood awards.

A true American citizen Wolfgang Halbig, not these New Bolshevik thugs Bloomberg, Feinstein, et al, has put himself at great risk to uncover the truth of what happened at Sandy Hook.

Please take the time to educate yourself about what really happened there and read and listen to what Wolfgang has to say.

This is his website:

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