Friday, June 21, 2013

You Just Shot in Self-Defense! How to Avoid Playing Wheel of Misfortune!

Chicago, IL—The gun bans here have been stricken from the books by the courts and it looks like there will soon be a new state law that provides for “shall issue” concealed weapon permits.
I have put up a video specifically for all those Americans who are survive an attack by using deadly force.   What should you do after you shoot?  What do tell the 911 operator?  You may find yourself surprised by the advice you’ll get from me.  I am a shooting survivor and specialize in criminal defense investigation where the defense is self-defense. 
Just what are your duties after a shooting?  Surviving the criminal justice system may be far more of a challenge than you think.  The only real duty you have is to yourself and family.  Sit back, relax and pay attention.  You are about to learn about those challenges.  Then share the video with your friends.

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