Thursday, June 13, 2013

Singer & McQuarie , You’re Filmmaking Talents are Needed!

Sophie Scholl, 21 a German Citizen Murdered Under color of law by The Nazis
Los, Angeles, CA—One of my favorite films is Valkyrie with Tom Cruise playing would be Hitler assassin, Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg.  It was filmed in many authentic locations with a terrific cast and crew.  The finished product film told the exciting and heroic story very well.  It was made by boyhood pals, Director Brian Singer and Co-Writer and Producer Christopher McQuarie.  
When the Blu-Ray disk came out the extras were really exceptional.  It contained a compelling documentary where actual resistance members and their families told the history of brave Germans trying to bring down the Nazi regime.   It’s a part of World War Two history that has been largely ignored especially here in America.  

At Berlin’s Bendlerblock Resistance Museum there is a never-ending well-documented supply of stories fit for many riveting films. That Bendlerblock location happens to be where the Valkyrie conspirators actually worked and where they were executed on July 20. 1944.  One such story that stands out the most to me is that of 21 year-old Sophie Scholl and the White Rose.
Several young men and women associated with the University in Munich belonged to a peaceful resistance group, The White Rose.  They mailed and passed out newsletter leaflets that exposed the agenda and atrocities of the Nazi government.
One day, Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans Scholl and a friend Christoph Probst were caught distributing leaflets at the University.  They were arrested and a Gestapo investigation was launched.   A very high profile Nazi show trial was held and the trio were convicted and beheaded at the Stadlehiem Prison within four days of their arrest.
A terrific German language film was made but unfortunately subtitled foreign films are usually never well received in America.  I guess people don’t like reading films.
The leading roles are that of Sophie Scholl, Gestapo Inspector Mohr and People’s Court President, Judge Roland Frisler.  I’d love to see this staring English speaking German actors like Christian Berkel, Sebastian Koch and a yet to be discovered 21 year-old leading lady.
Yes, I’m a SAG-AFTRA member and want a small part in the film however I also want to help produce it on location in Munich.  I know Germany very well. 
As Valkyrie was being negotiated in Germany as a project there was a very unfortunate flap over lead actor Tom Cruise’s Scientology faith.  It nearly derailed the entire film.  That left some wounds with the people that worked so hard in bringing that great story to light.  The question I must ask is their skin thick enough to make yet another excellent film there.  I really hope so. 
On a side note, my having spent my adult life in courtrooms I have particular disdain for despot judges like Roland Frisler. Yes they are everywhere and only restrained by our form of government. 
When Adolph Hitler sought to plan the Holocaust he entrusted 15 high Ranking Nazis to work out the details at a lakeside Villa in Wannsee just outside of Berlin over a two-hour luncheon meeting.  Frisler was one of the several lawyers there making sure it was all legal.  They call that meeting the Wansee Conference.
Had Frisler not been killed in an Allied bombing raid he surly would have been in the first wave of war criminals executed at Nuremberg.
I only hope that Singer and McQuarie read this and consider making the film.  If they pass on it, surely another filmmaker should step in.  There would be a generous German film grant waiting for the producer.
The official trailer for the German production of several years ago is below:


Anonymous said...


I don't know a thing about Hollywood, but you have the talent to write a rough draft screenplay, submit to the agents of the two filmmakers, you get Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan or the actress from Hunger Games interested, and you are on a roll.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Sometimes it is that easy but most of the time it is much more difficult because the actors and agents refuse submissions unless presented by a genuine Hollywood agent.