Sunday, June 30, 2013

George Zimmerman Rationally Explains Each and Every Step of his Encounter with his Attacker, Travon Martin.

George Zimmerman seen here with his broken nose. 

Sanford, FL—We now know that George Zimmerman has obviously been charged with murder for purely political reasons.  The case was filed under pressure from the Whitehouse and Martin family lawyers seeking extortion blood money. 
We watched as prosecutors put on their star witness Rachel Jeantel who self-destructed in a tidal wave of perjury.  Every witness called did nothing to make a case of murder or even a lessor offense.
In this video you can watch as George Zimmerman fresh with real injuries to his face and head explains every step of his encounter with Trayvon Martin.  This is by far the best evidence since it was contemporaneous to the shooting and Zimmerman has no lawyer advising him.  I question the wisdom of Zimmerman talking to police at all but I don’t see any possible impeachment to what he said during this recreation video interview. 

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Anonymous said...

There's always someone being placed on the rack for their actions or speech and what is fashionable in one era is not in the next and as Paul points out - President Barack Obama had the power to influence and in this Zimmerman case he did.

Below is article on Nelson Mandela who was once called a terrorist for his wish to be treated equally in a South Africa divided through color, and ruled by an unfair government. In the 1960's Nelson Mandela was known as a Terrorist!

In the Zimmerman case there should not have been any American presidential involvement at all! He should have stayed out of it and just kept his mouth shut.

It is interesting that American President is currently spending time outside of USA looking at the slavery locations and prison of Nelson Mandela in Africa,

But yet on the other continent - he agrees to enslave and torture American citizens with laws where a citizen can be subjected to extraordinary rendition

or an American citizen can also be spied on
by the NSA in our computers and through cell phone and emails.

This same president is allowing spying on European people collecting their private data - and EU institutions as as well.

It seems Obama is a hypocrite because on the one hand he idolizes Nelson Mandela but yet Mandela's life represents freedom and reconciliation for all colors of South Africans.

Does this American President's WISH FOR POWER

(and influence (trump everything else - this intrusion into everyone's privacy

injecting his opinion in the Zimmerman case which inflamed it - when he should have kept his biases to himself)