Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An analysis Of Today’s Senate “Gun Violence Hearing”

Gabby Giffords

Washington, DC—After two decades of setbacks the gun ban movement was all but dead in America. Concealed carry had swept the nation and the last two standing gun banswere struck down in two separate recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 
With fewer restrictions and millions more guns in circulation the nation’s crime and gun accident rate has been dropping everywhere but in Chicago.   Of coursetoday the Windy City’s draconian gun ban is on the judicial ropes.
The Second Amendment has reemerged from an avalanche ofpolice raids, arrests and civil rights violations. The Brady Institute was allbut shuttered but for their hope that Barack Obama, a proven gun rights and liberty hater would somehow turn back the tide. 
Recent mass shootings, particularly the Sandy Hook School inNewtown, CT were shamelessly exploited by the political Left and their news media cheerleaders.  Long time Gun Ban Scam advocates Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer couldn’t wait to dance in the blood of the murdered Sandy Hook children re-arguing old and failed propaganda.
Lost in the argument is the fact that every recent mass shooter was a known mental patient being treated with drugs rather than being institutionalized.  The failures were notbecause of a lack of gun laws but a failed mental health system and thereluctance of medical officials to send in data on their patients.
This time the memory in Congress is crystal clear of how the1994 so-called Assault Weapons Ban Congressional supporters were swept out ofoffice by angry voters.  Apparently thevote for Diane Feinstein’s wet dream is just not there and passage theDemocratically controlled Senate is unlikely. The Bill would not stand a chance in the House if it somehow got out ofthe Senate.
Still Feinstein promised the Loony Left she’d bring hergun-grabbing bill forward for consideration and could not back down.  Today Feinstein and Schumer were unusually subdued as they put their number one sacrificial lamb in a senate witness chair.  The hapless lamb was police Chief James Johnson of the failed Socialist utopia of Baltimore, MD.   He provided his lockstep gun ban support and misinformation to the committee. 
They also brought in former Democratic Congresswoman GabbyGiffords and her retired astronaut husband to garner an emotional response and sympathy.  The poor woman was paraded around like a show pony before the committee. Her attacker was a well-known mentally disturbed man who local officials negligently ignored.  Had they taken reasonable action he’d had been institutionalized.
There were three unstoppable experts that explained thescope and purpose of America’s constitutionally protected gun rights.  The three led by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre along with women’s right’s advocate Gayle Trotter and gun rights author and lawyer David Kopel.
The sour note came from Illinois Senator Dick Durbin thatcould not contain his hatred for gun owners and advocates.  His target was the faulty 100 round magazine used at the Colorado movie theater shooting. That unpopular and faulty M-4 platform magazine failed making the argument against it mute.   Durbin’sleadership is exactly exactly what went wrong with the Socialist nightmare of Chicago, IL. 
This is not to suggest for a moment that the gun bannerswon’t keep trying.  We must remain constantly on guard.
The gun banners are noticing a new shift by gun owners to protect their rights as the Second Amendment was originally intended!  They have begun to understand, that Americans will not tolerate any more Waco or Randy Weaver style gun raids. 
Our politicians have noticed that their latest propaganda efforts sent Americans to the gun stores cleaning them out of every available gunor round of ammunition. These Americans were and are preparing for war, notfuture restrictions.  Ban our guns if you dare and face resistance unlike any you could imagine.


Anonymous said...

Gabby Giffords face

the fact that she is still
standing -

says SO much more than any words.

What a strong and brave lady.

Anonymous said...

it seems as of June 2013 - any shooter like John Zawahri can make a gun in California USA and use it - no serial number or permit needed.

John Zawahri wanted to buy a gun but was denied by the State - so he built a gun and got around the California State gun ban in John's case.

The gun debate has not yet included those that will get around the background checks by building guns themselves.

See Below for more info:

Santa Monica College shooter assembled rifle used in rampage, left 'farewell' note

Gunman John Zawahri, 23, made a request to purchase a firearm in 2011 but was denied by the California State Department of Justice.

The Santa Monica man John Zawahri who killed six people, including his father and brother, last week during a shooting rampage that terrorized the Santa Monica Neighborhood and Santa Monica College fired off at least 100 rounds from an assault rifle that he assembled himself using legal parts ordered from various states, law enforcement officials said Thursday.

Santa Monica Police Chief said during a news conference Thursday that gunman John Zawahri, 23, made a request to purchase a firearm in 2011 but was denied by California state Department of Justice, possibly because of mental health issues and a run-in with police seven years ago when bomb-making materials were found at his house during a search prompted by threats to students, teachers and campus police officers at Olympic High School, a school for students with academic and disciplinary issues.