Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Watching Explicit Pornography Somehow Worse for Children Than Watching Violence?

Washington, DC—Every state in the union has criminalized the sharing of sexually explicit material with children.   We protect our children from any exposure to the natural and wonderful gift of sex.  We express love and find joy when we explore this magic our creator has given us.   However sex is deemed just not safe for children.
Somehow I find the deliberate concealment of sex from children nothing less than perverse.  Children are taught that sexual activity is shameful and somehow wrong.  I have long suspected that this shielding does so much more harm than good.  Sex is a natural part of life like eating and breathing.  We’ve managed to somehow turn sex into something dirty and creepy.
There is nothing wrong with our naked bodies unless we consume too much fried chicken and Twinkies.  Perhaps if kids saw more nakedness and knew about sex early   they’d better understand the importance of good eating habits and exercise.
I’ve learned long ago that Europeans have a much healthier understanding of their sexuality than we do here in America. Instead we’ve made quite a mess.
I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve always wondered if we are doing it all wrong. 
On the other hand, every child sees beatings, torture, senseless violence and even thousands of simulated murders on television and in films. 
Some of the film scenes are quite memorable like the dental torture used on Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man or where Michael Madsen playing Mr. Blond cuts the ear off a tied up cop before he’s murdered in Reservoir Dogs.  Listening to Stealer’s Wheel singing, Stuck In The Middle has never been quite the same for me since.
Children are taught about extreme revenge, hatred and snuffing out human life in every possible way.  Video games are often beyond extreme and human life is cheapened like dirt.  Thankfully most kids can differentiate reality from make believe.  However some cannot. 
Americans have gone from parenting to drugging their kids with Ritalin and a host of pharmaceuticals designed to control behavior.  What are the effects of the chemical cocktails being mixed with constant exposure to gratuities violence?  Every suspect in any somewhat recent mass shootings seems to have been on the latest behavior-modifying drug around. 
As a nation of parents we are a massive failure, especially in our large cities.  Fatherless households doomed to pain and lifetime poverty.  Children are being raised by televisions and X-Boxes.  Public schools have simply become day care centers run by union thugs. 
We need to change our dependent, violent and life wasting culture or we will become extinct. We tolerate the worst possible behavior from our impoverished and unmotivated Black and Hispanic inhabitants and that is just another form of genocide.
Our worthless Presidents and Congress can only think the only cure for crime and violence and is by stealing our freedom and our ability to meaningfully protect families.  That is as they provide themselves with more armed bodyguards every day.  Yes folks we have a giant mess about to consume us all. 

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