Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why the TSA Cannot Protect Air Passengers from Terrorism

You've been selected for special screening, bend over!
Washington, DC—It began with a rash of incidents by deranged people that wanted to be flown to Cuba or that celebrated case of D.B. Cooper in 1971 where an extortionist escaped by parachute with some $200.000.00 to a presumed death from exposure. 

The response from the FAA was never to interfere with hijackers no matter how easily they could be over-powered. This was the same way bank robbers are dealt with at banks. The give them what they want and hope for the best is nothing a recipe to encourage more of the same.

The results of the FAA security program were indeed predictable and lots of planes were diverted to Cuba. Soon the FAA took extreme steps to secure planes from passengers carrying firearms eventually even banning pilots and sworn off duty cops from carrying guns.

The FAA suspended the American right against unreasonable search and seizure by allowing poorly educated and trained unarmed security workers to rummage through passenger’s carryon belongings. Many of these security workers had criminal records or were illegal aliens!

That did nothing to stop terrorism simply because that’s an impossible mission. That was proven with the 9/11 hijackings and murders of 3,000 Americans and billions of dollars in property damage.

The TSA was originally set up by government knowing full well that this would not and could not end or even reduce the threat of terrorism. It was an effort to create the illusion of safety and security because politicians felt Americans needed to be reassured they could be safe on airplanes.

The TSA was formed with the unemployable people living on the margins of society. Frankly, who would want such a job? They were given the mission of inconveniencing, aggravating and harassing passengers into believing this somehow was a legitimate effort for their own protection.

Getting law abiding Americans in line has never been a problem and that’s all the TSA could hope to accomplish. Dealing with and controlling determined terrorists beyond anyone’s ability.

1. Bombs can be concealed in nearly anything such as candy, pillows, toys and electronic devices. Explosives are made from common chemicals that can’t be discovered without extensive scientific examination.

2. Planes can be attacked with short-range missals or even conventional firearms during takeoffs and landings.

3. The massive crowds lining up to enter security screening are never protected. Someone could get in the line with a powerful device hidden in a large suitcase and destroy a terminal and kill hundreds.

4. Air cargo cannot be properly examined before it’s placed on an airplane.

5. The TSA has many criminal types employed. They steal routinely and aid drug dealers in the movement of large amounts of narcotics. They will take money to help terrorists if they don’t already have a sleeper cell in their own ranks.

6. Small general aviation planes can easily be turned into guided missals flown by fanatical pilots to down commercial jets.

Okay, it’s now obvious that we are really not safe. What can we do to improve our odds and return sanity to air travel? The TSA is nothing more than a pathetic and extravagant joke on America, our troubled airlines and tourist industry.

We should defund and disband the entire TSA immediately in favor of a much more effective program.

The only meaningful security comes from trained and armed law enforcement officers that can react immediately to a real or suspected threat. The second, line of defense are able bodied and alert passengers that are willing to accept responsibility to deal with a terror emergency.

All Pilots should be trained and armed. All trained and certified law enforcement officers should be armed even while off duty while flying. Additionally certain selected private licensed and trained security professionals should be armed while traveling.

We need to keep all people with passports from nations hostile to America off out planes. Law enforcement needs to profile passengers based on behavior and past experience for follow up interviews.

The TSA has victimized the public long enough. This un-American response to terrorism must end if for no other reason it’s ineffective. That have not stopped a single terror related incident but ordinary members of the public have.

How much more abuse are we willing to take?


Anonymous said...

TSA is just another politically corect Non-Solution to a very serious real problem of Islamic Terrorist Threats to US. Citizens.

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

Government now sees it's own citizens as the enemy.

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

TSA, as most other federal agencies, employs the unemployable.