Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why did we Allow Government to Nationalize Charity?

Washington, DC—When we formed our government there were no provisions for social safety nets.  It was just not deemed a function for government.  Americans are charitable by nature and we all hate to see helpless people deprived by circumstances.  We always contributed generously to churches and such to aid the disabled and needy.
We have terrific and efficient charities such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and the American Red Cross.  They were undermined and in effect made obsolete by our politicians.
Government should have been limited to national defense and infrastructure.  Nowhere did we ever create a right to handouts or free medical care.   We created a system where productivity creates wealth for virtually everyone.  
Our politicians have damaged the American dream with wealth redistribution schemes that have punished the productive and instead rewarded criminals and parasites.  The really needy and deserving people are more deprived than ever as a result.
Frankly government politicians and their bureaucrats have turned what should charity into a scam well beyond epic proportions.   Criminals took charge of tax funds in order to administer the social train wreck that has made many millions of pathetic derelicts. 
Our social welfare system has robbed these Americans of self-reliance and the desire to become productive.  We’ve created an entire entitlement zombie population.  As a result our government has destroyed their lives.
Rapidly and uncontrollably we included millions of the impoverished of Mexico and Central America into our social safety net despite their criminal trespassing on our soil. 
We measure poverty by the amount of homeless we see on the street.  Before the War on Poverty and Great Society programs we had only a fraction of the homeless we see wandering the streets today.   Most Americans are not old enough to remember that far back. 
If we are to survive as a nation we must turn back the trespassers and turn over charity to the faith based organizations and such. 

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